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Program Committee

Kristine Yaffe, United States
Eddy Koo, United States

Brad Boeve, United States
Linda Clare, United Kingdom
Ann Fagan, United States
Alison Goate, United States
Todd Golde, United States
Miia Kivipelto, Sweden
David Knopman, United States
Philip Scheltens, the Netherlands
Rik Vandenberghe, Belgium
Sandy Weintraub, United States

Ex Officio
Khalid Iqbal, United States
Ralph Nixon, United States
Bengt Winblad, Sweden

Carol Brayne, United Kingdom, Advisory Council
Charles DeCarli, United States, Neuroimaging Professional Interest Area
Lis Evered, Australia, Anesthesia, Surgery & Cognition Professional Interest Area
Giovanni Frisoni, Italy, Neuroimaging Professional Interest Area
Jesse Hoey, Canada, Technology Professional Interest Area
Kerry Kilborn, United Kingdom, Electrophysiology Professional Interest Area
David Miller, United States, Neuropsychiatric Syndromes Professional Interest Area


AAIC 2013 program

View the 2013 schedule and conference program.

Registered attendees have exclusive access to the 2013 AAIC mobile app with full speaker and session listings as well as abstract content. Attendees can email for download instructions.

Make history at AAIC 2013 • Boston, MA • July 13-18, 2013