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International Attendees

Visa requirements
To increase security for citizens and visitors, the United States has updated its policies for visas. Please consult the following websites for important timelines and information concerning visa applications for entry in to the U.S.:

Invitation letters
Attendees may request an AAIC 2013 invitation letters during the registration process. You will be able to print your letter directly from your computer immediately after you have completed your registration.

Travel documents, passports and entry requirements
Non–U.S. visitors must have valid travel documents/passports to enter Boston, Massachusetts that provide proof of citizenship. Document requirements vary depending on country of origin, citizenship, the reason for your visit and the length of your stay, and may include passport or a birth certificate, photo identification, and/or a visa.

Customs and immigration
Upon arriving in Boston you will be required to go through a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) inspection. Before you land, your flight crew will distribute an Immigration and Customs Declaration Form for you to complete; forms are also available at the airport upon your arrival. You will need to present this form, along with your passport, visa (if any) and return tickets to the CBP officer.

Boston uses the United States customary system for weights and measurements. If you choose to drive in Boston, Massachusetts, be aware the speed limits are posted in miles per hour instead of kilometers per hour.

If you are entering Boston with prescription drugs and syringes, keep the medication in its original, labeled container. Include a medical certificate with the syringes showing they are for medical use and declare them to U.S. Customs officials. Bring an extra prescription in case your medication is lost or you need to attest to your need to take the prescriptions; carry the generic name of prescription medicines.

AAIC 2013 program

View the 2013 schedule and conference program.

Registered attendees have exclusive access to the 2013 AAIC mobile app with full speaker and session listings as well as abstract content. Attendees can email for download instructions.

Make history at AAIC 2013 • Boston, MA • July 13-18, 2013