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2013 AAIC Video Highlights


Sunday, July 14, 2013

"New Therapeutic Targets and Approaches in Alzheimer’s Disease"


Video 1: News briefing introduction. Dr. Joel Ross talks about a possible new Alzheimer's drug in the early stages of clinical trials.



Video 2: Dr. Mark Forman discusses early stage results of a drug that targets a well known feature of Alzheimer's in the brain - beta amyloid protein.



Video 3: Dr. Roberta Brinton talks about plans to test a possible Alzheimer's therapy that capitalizes on the ability of the brain and body to repair itself.



Video 4: A phase 3 trial in Alzheimer's disease of an already approved diabetes drug incorporates several novel research approaches, according to Dr. Kathleen Welsh-Bohmer.



Video 5: Q & A with Reporters




Dr. Mary Sano gives big picture overview of the drug studies discussed during the news briefing.


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