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2013 AAIC Video Highlights


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Subjective Cognitive Decline (SCD): The Earliest Clinical Sign of Alzheimer’s?"


Video 1: News briefing introduction. Dr. Frank Jessen discusses the international workgroup that has set a research agenda for subjective cognitive decline.



Video 2: There is new evidence that concerns about memory loss may actually indicate Alzheimer's-related changes in the brain, says Dr. Rebecca Amariglio.



Video 3: Dr. Cecilia Samieri says that people who carry an Alzheimer's risk gene and have concerns about their memory may be more likely to experience additional cognitive decline.



Video 4: Older people who report a recent change in their memory were more likely to be diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment or dementia in the next 6 years, according to Dr. Richard Kryscio.



Video 5: Dr. Alexander Koppara discusses subjective perception of memory impairment and its relationship to actual decline in measured memory ability.



Video 6: Q & A with Reporters




Dr. Ronald Petersen gives an overview of this newly emerging concept - subjective cognitive decline - which may be the earliest clinical sign of Alzheimer's disease.


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