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News from AAIC 2014


Study: Developed nations could see drop in Alzheimer's cases
— CNN News

Dementia risk falling for elderly in the West: Better education and drugs keep brains sharp
— The Daily Mail

New Brain Protein Tied to Alzheimer's Disease
— ABC News

Alzheimer's Onset Delay in U.S. and Europe Gives Prevention Hope
— Bloomberg

Alzheimer's disease fight focuses on preventive treatment
— The Wall Street Journal

New hope in the fight against Alzheimer's disease
— NBC Nightly News

Study finds possible 'recipe' for preventing Alzheimer's

Finally! Hard evidence we can slow Alzheimer's by exercising the body and the mind
— Forbes

To prevent Alzheimer's, diet and exercise are effective, large study shows

Lifestyle changes are key to easing Alzheimer's risk
— USA Today

Can Games, Puzzles Keep Aging Minds Sharp?
— HealthDay

Smell test may help detect Alzheimer's

Eye tests could detect early Alzheimer's
— The Guardian

Key to Detecting Alzheimer's Early Could Be in the Eye
— The Wall Street Journal

Alzheimer's researchers hunt for new tools to identify disease's onset
— The Washington Post

Smell test may help detect Alzheimer's
— NBC Nightly News

Inexpensive Alzheimer's tests offer promise
— USA Today

Worried You May Be Developing Alzheimer's? Check Your Eyes
— NBC News




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