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Dementia Care Research and Practice Track

We will be offering the two-day Dementia Care Research and Practice Track again this year at AAIC 2015. Consisting of oral sessions and poster presentations for both researchers and dementia care practitioners, this track is the perfect place to discover how practice and research come together to help solve the current topics facing Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

The sessions on July 20th and 21st (Monday and Tuesday) will feature the latest research and updates regarding epidemiology, health economics, policy, psychosocial factors related to dementia, and innovative dementia care practices.

Oral and poster presentations for inclusion in the track will be selected based on the objectives below:

Practice Component

Research Component

Please note that you must specifically select “Dementia Care Research and Practice Track” during AAIC registration in order to attend.

Registration now open

Are you interested in being a part of the largest Alzheimer’s and dementia conference in the world? Registration is now open for AAIC 2015! Reserve your spot prior to May 15 to take advantage of early-bird pricing.


Where the world reveals the latest dementia research • Washington, D.C., United States • July 18-23, 2015