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AAIC Scientific Program Committee

Glenda Halliday, Australia
Edward Koo, United States

Committee Members
Sandrine Andrieu, France
Henry Brodaty, Australia
Ronald DeMattos, United States
Anne Fagan, United States
Matthew Frosch, United States
Alison Goate, United States
Todd Golde, United States
David Knopman, United States
Simon Lovestone, United Kingdom
Philip Scheltens, The Netherlands
Rik Vandenberghe, Belgium
Sandra Weintraub, United States

Steven DeKosky, United States, Chair, ISTAART Advisory Council
Jeffrey Kaye, United States, Vice-chair, ISTAART Advisory Council
Ralph Nixon, United States, Chair, Medical & Scientific Advisory Council

Christopher Rowe, Australia
Gunhild Waldemar, Denmark
Kristine Yaffe, United States


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Searchable program content, including session topics, speakers and abstracts, is now available.

Where the world reveals the latest dementia research • Washington, D.C., United States • July 18-23, 2015