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Alzheimer's disease information and resources
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10 Warning Signs
Why Get Checked
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Why Get Checked

If you notice any of the 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's in yourself or someone you know, don't ignore them. Schedule an appointment with a doctor.

With an early diagnosis of Alzheimer's, a person can:

Benefit from available treatments – Alzheimer's treatments may provide some relief of symptoms and help the diagnosed person maintain a level of function longer. Individuals may also increase their chances of participating in clinical drug trials that help advance research and can provide a better understanding of the disease.
Learn more about treatments.
Learn more about clinical trials.

Have more time to plan for the future – A diagnosis of Alzheimer's allows families to discuss and plan for care; transportation; living options; financial and legal matters; and balancing work with caregiving duties.

Get the right help and support – Care and support services are available, making it easier for the person and his or her family to live the best life possible with Alzheimer's.
Find services from your local Alzheimer's Association.

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如果您注意到自己或您認識的某人出現阿滋海默症 10 個警訊中的任何一個,請勿置之不理。與醫生安排預約。


從可獲得的治療中獲益 – 阿滋海默症治療可某種程度地緩解症狀,以及協助就診者保持更長的功能水準。就診者還可能獲得更多機會參與臨床藥物試驗,這些試驗有助於推動研究,以及使人們能夠更深入地瞭解該疾病。

具有更多時間來制訂未來計劃 – 阿滋海默症的診斷可使家人討論並計劃護理,就醫交通,生活選擇,財務與法律事務,以及平衡工作與照護責任。

獲得正確的協助和支援 – 可獲得照護和支援服務,從而使患者及其家人比較容易面對阿滋海默症並能夠過最好的生活。
尋找您當地 Alzheimer’s Association 阿滋海默症協


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