Advocate Profile — JJ Jordan

JJ Jordan

JJ Jordan of Denver admits she's a little hyper when it comes to the Alzheimer's Association®. "I do at least one thing for the cause every single day," she says. Some days, it's as simple as telling someone her story (both of her parents have the disease). Other days, it's more involved. She sits on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Chapter, teaches a "Savvy Caregiver" course and serves as an Alzheimer's Association Ambassador, working with Association staff to develop and maintain relationships with policymakers.

JJ's never burdened by her various responsibilities,. It's actually what keeps her going. "The Alzheimer's Association saved my life," she says. "I realized I could be mad at the world or I could get mad at the disease."

JJ originally focused her volunteer efforts around cope and hope. "Cope is supporting families who are living with this and hope is raising money for research," she explains. About two years ago, she added a third focus: action, and that's when she became involved in advocacy efforts. "Being an activist in this world doesn't mean carrying signs and camping out on sidewalks. It's the easiest thing we can do because it's telling our stories," she explains. "It's what we, as ordinary people, can do to fight this disease. Because that's all I am – I'm just an ordinary person and Alzheimer's has landed on my family."


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