Advocate Profile — Steve Rabish

Steve Rabish

In his late 20s, Steve Rabish of Scottsdale, Ariz., knows he's not who most people picture when they think of someone who's out there advocating for Alzheimer's disease awareness. But that's part of the problem facing Alzheimer's awareness, he says, and something he's working to change as an Alzheimer's Association® Ambassador.

"If you have Alzheimer's, it's not only your issue," Steve says. "Who's going to take care of you? Can they afford to take care of you? Do they have to quit their job? It's not just the person with Alzheimer's, it's entire communities. That's what we need to get people to understand."

Steve first became involved with the Alzheimer's Association Desert Southwest Chapter in 2010. In 2011, he jumped at the chance to become an Ambassador to Arizona Congressman David Schweikert. "As an Ambassador, I'm taking the initiative and I'm the one pushing things forward," he explains. "It makes my work feel very purposeful."

Steve credits his Ambassador training and attending the Alzheimer's Association Advocacy Forum for giving him a better understanding of the escalating Alzheimer's crisis. And though his grandfather had the disease, he says he'd be involved with the cause anyway. "Once you understand what's heading our way, you can't help but get involved," he says.


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