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The Alzheimer's Association Helpline operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in 140 languages. Our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable about all aspects of Alzheimer’s disease. Call us if you have questions about:

  • Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss, medications and treatment options, brain health and care options

  • How the Association can help you

  • Caregiving tips and respite care options

  • Services available in your community and referrals

You can also call us for emotional support –– as often as you need. We know that living with Alzheimer’s can be overwhelming at times. Remember, we are here for you –– all day, every day.

E-mail help

If you prefer, send us a message at jeanne.reeder@alz.org. We check the e-mail box daily and will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.

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Family Connections Program

Families have many questions and concerns about Alzheimer's disease and often need assistance finding and utilizing community resources. The Connections Program offers individual and family care planning. Click here to find the Heart of America Chapter office nearest you.

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Message Boards

The Alzheimer’s Association message boards and chat rooms provide an online community for persons with Alzheimer's, caregivers and care providers. Our message boards have thousands of registered members from around the United States and thousands more who refer to the stories and information that is available 24 hours a day.

Join the Alzheimer’s Association online community.

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Peer Support Services

Support Group
More than 60 groups meet at least monthly thoughout the area for family members to get together for peer support and to exchange information. Some groups meet specifically for those with early-stage dementia. Click here for more information and a list of support groups.

Breakfast Club/Lunch Bunch
Hometown experiences where people gather in a safe environment and where support is provided in a round table way.

Cappuccino Club
Approximately 500,000 people in the U.S. have young (early) onset Alzheimer’s disease - meaning they have developed the disease under the age of 65. The Cappuccino Cub is an upcoming support group for the 20 something and 30 something adult children of individuals with young (early) onset Alzheimer’s disease. Adult children in this age group typically are facing the dual demands of early careers and young children in addition to the caregiving role for their parent. This group will include support, information and social opportunities. It is being planned and it expected to begin in early summer. If you are interested in being a part of this group or hearing more detailed information as plans proceed, please contact Michelle Niedens at 913-831-3888.

Caregiver Conference

A special day for caregivers of those with dementia. Set aside this one day of the year for yourself and let us care for you.

Check the Calendar of Events for details.


Education Programs

ABC's Alzheimer's Basic Care

Part 1: Disease Overview and Community Resources
Part 2: Legal Seminar

Check the Calendar of Events for details.


A Friendship Gathering

A program for all individuals interested in memory loss, caregiving and support issues.

Check the Calendar of Events for details.


Alzheimer's Disease and Intellectual Disabilities

An overview of how Alzheimer's disease manifests in a person with intellectual disabilities such as Down's Syndrome. 

Check the Calendar of Events for details.

Alzheimer's Research Forum

Check the Calendar of Events for details.


Creating Caring Communities

A program for all individuals interested in memory loss issues. Discussion will focus on general disease information, stages, risk factors, current treatments and interventions.

Check the Calendar of Events for details


Defining Hope: The Family Conversation

Check the Calendar of Events for details.

Growing Through Grief Series

This 4-part series addresses grief issues of families with a loved one suffering from Alzheimer's disease.  Topics are:

Part 1: "The 5 Tasks of Griefwork"

Part 2: "The Big Three: Fear, Anger and Guilt"

Part 3: "The Changes and Constancy of Love"

Part 4: "Holding On and Letting Go"

For more information, please contact Michelle Niedens at 913-831-3888 or 800-272-3900.

Check the Calendar of Events for details.


Legal Issues

This 2-hour session is presented by area attorneys and is geared for family members. Attorneys address the general legal concerns that present themselves through the course of managing Alzheimer's disease.

Check the Calendar of Events for details. 


Let's Talk About Dementia - A Community Discussion

An overview of the disease process including stages, current treatments, behaviors, and communication.

Check the Calendar of Events for details. 


Taking Control Series

This 5 week educational series is for individuals in the early stage of Alzheimer's and their families. For the first half of the session both individuals with the diesease and their families will meet together for a structured presentation and the 2nd half of the session, each group will separate for their own discussion.

Session 1: Introduction and Overview
Session 2: Coping with Memory Problems
Session 3: Friends, Families and Work
Session 4: Planning for the Future
Session 5: Making the Most of It

Check the Calendar of Events for Details


The Family Series

The Family Series is a 6-week, 1-hour a week class on various aspects of the illness designed for family members. One can attend the entire series or choose to come to any individual class that addresses the specific issue significant to you

Part 1: "What can I expect?" - An overview of Alzheimer's disease, including diagnosis, stages and family experiences.

Part 2: "I don't need any help" - A discussion of managing activities of daily living including resistance, provision of care and other issues associated with bathing, toileting, dressing, taking medication and feeding.

Part 3: "He just sits around all day" - Explores the role of activities and structure for the person with Alzheimer's disease. Suggestions on activities and option to maximize strengths.

Part 4: "Is she on too many medications?" - The concerns and appropriate benefits of commonly prescribed medications in the care of the person with Alzheimer's disease.

Part 5: "I can't do this anymore" - the dilemma around the placement decision. Covers options, resources and the decision making process.

Part 6: "I should, I ought, I have to" - A video and discussion of the guilt that typically goes along with the role of the caregiver.

For more information, please contact Michelle Niedens at 913-831-3888 or 800-272-3900.

Check the Calendar of Events for details.

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Quarterly Newsletter

Memory Matters, the Chapter newsletter, includes articles on caregiving strategies, research, public advocacy and the calendar of Chapter events.

Visit our Newsletter Archive  to download current or past newsletters in Adobe Acrobat format. Or, sign up to receive the newsletter in hard copy or email format.

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Multilingual information

Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders that cause dementia know no boundaries. Many individuals and families in ethnic and cultural minority groups are in need of solid information about Alzheimer’s disease and health resources.


Mollie Tivol Alzheimer's Family Resource Center

The Resource Center is located in the main office and open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to provide books, brochures, videos and other resources on Alzheimer's for loan or purchase. All offices have access to these resources and also offer a variety of informative material at their locations. View a list of material that can be purchased.

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Programs for Individuals at Risk for Wandering

Safe Return Program
Safe Return is a national patient registry for the memory impaired. This program was developed by the Alzheimer's Association to respond to the problem of wandering. The Safe Return program coordinates information on program participants, caregivers, and emergency personnel in order to provide a system to enable others to locate, identify and return missing persons with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders who wander and become lost. Enroll in Safe Return.

Project Lifesaver
The Raytown Police Department and the Alzheimer’s Association have partnered to bring Project Lifesaver to the metropolitan area. Individuals that are high risk for wandering can enroll in the Project Lifesaver program. Raytown is coordinating efforts metro wide. People who are part of the Project Lifesaver program wear a personalized wristband that emits a tracking signal. When carepartners notify the police that the person is missing, a search and rescue team responds to the wanderer’s area and starts searching with the mobile locator tracking system. It has allowed search times to be significantly reduced. Transmitter bracelets are $250.00 each and require a $10.00 a month charge for the bands and batteries that are changed monthly by trained Project Lifesaver volunteers. A limited number of scholarships are available for those in need.

For further information about Project Lifesaver, contact the chapter office or Nicole Grivno at the Raytown Police Department. 

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Speakers Bureau

There are opportunities through the year to talk with schools, community groups and the media regarding your experience with having a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. If you are interested in being on the Speakers Bureau, or interested in being part of advocacy efforts, contact Michelle Niedens at (913) 831-3888 or michelle.niedens@alz.org

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Clinical Trials Index

Memories in the Making©

This innovative art program provides persons with Alzheimer's disease with a means of creative expression. Experienced volunteer artists work weekly with groups in assisted living facilities, nursing homes and adult day programs. Read more about Memories in the Making©.

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Memory Room

The Heart of America Chapter partners with volunteer area artists, high school artists, and nursing home facilities to create a pleasing wall mural for late stage dementia patients who spend the majority of time in their rooms. The mural is typically based on some aspect of the person's life: a familiar scene, a countryside, or a special place where fond memories may reside. See Memory Room murals.

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Alzheimer's Association

Our vision is a world without Alzheimer's
Formed in 1980, the Alzheimer's Association is the world's leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer's care, support and research.