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Alzheimer’s disease affects everyone it touches – the individual living with the disease, the family and the community. Alzheimer’s is not normal aging, and the number of latinos with the disease could increase 600 percent by 2050.

So it’s important to learn about Alzheimer’s to better care for a loved one and yourself.


About Alzheimer’s

10 Warning Signs

Diabetes and Alzheimer’s – Find out why Latinos are at risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

Interactive Brain Tour - Learn how the brain functions and how Alzheimer’s affects it.


Get practical tips on caring for your loved one at home and preserving your own well-being.

Create a safe environment.


We Speak Spanish

1.800.272.3900 - Call us anytime for free, confidential guidance and reliable information.

Message Boards - Find bilingual support and advice in a caring community.


MedicAlert® + Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return®
A 24-hour emergency response service for wandering and medical emergencies. 
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Find Your Chapter
Our nationwide network of chapters offers a broad range of services, including support groups and programs for Spanish-speaking community members.

What’s Happening to Grandpa? (slideshow)


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