Workshop: Commercializing a Novel Therapeutic Target for Alzheimer’s Disease

Saturday, July 25, 2020
1 – 5 p.m.
Amsterdam, Netherlands


Academic scientists have an important and growing role in the translation of novel targets into potential therapeutics, a vital step in the quest to develop effective therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease. This workshop will address key challenges academic scientists face when attempting to commercialize their science: from identifying when science is ready for translation to overcoming key challenges involved in becoming an entrepreneur starting a new company (NewCo). Some scientists don’t want to become entrepreneurs per se but still need to understand how to de-risk an idea to attract external investment, as well as the different paths to commercialization. Considerations for licensing to an existing company versus building a NewCo will be discussed.

Much of the workshop will focus on key considerations and challenges when pursuing the path towards building a NewCo. Panelists will outline ten important challenges facing inexperienced entrepreneurs and illustrate these challenges with concrete examples from their direct experiences as biotech venture investors. The session will focus on:

  1. Avoiding red flags that cripple entrepreneurs in the investor due diligence process.
  2. Highlighting common management problems that plague first-time company founders.
  3. Identifying common reasons for failure other than negative readouts from pre-clinical or clinical trials.

The workshop will include an introduction to the relevant nomenclature associated with entrepreneurship and draw important distinctions between the roles of angel investors, professional venture capitalists, philanthropic foundations, and other sources of startup funding. It will also focus on issues including:

Program Chairs


Tracy Saxton, Ph.D., Managing Director, Dolby Family Ventures


  1. When is your science ready to translate from academia to industry?
  2. Different approaches to commercialization: Licensing to an existing company versus building a NewCo.
  3. Challenges to consider when building a NewCo: Ten questions to answer before committing to commercialization.
  4. Open Q&A moderated by Tracy Saxton.


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