Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch® connects individuals living with Alzheimer's, caregivers and healthy volunteers to clinical trials that may advance Alzheimer's research. The free, easy-to-use service allows you to see which studies are a good fit for you or a family member. Search for studies, receive email notifications about new opportunities or connect with research teams.

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Don’t just hope for a cure — help us find one

By participating in clinical research, you can help to accelerate progress and provide valuable insight into potential treatments and methods of prevention for Alzheimer’s. Without the participation of people like you, finding a cure is nearly impossible. Learn more about the benefits of participating in a clinical trial.

Aducanumab (Aduhelm®) to be discontinued

The Alzheimer's Association recommends that people receiving Aduhelm through a clinical trial or by prescription, and their families, should connect with their study contact and/or their personal health care provider to talk through how these changes will impact their treatment and care.

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Find potential studies in three easy steps

TrialMatch makes it easy to identify studies you may qualify for in a location near you. Our continually updated database contains hundreds of studies being conducted at sites across the country and online.

  1. Start TrialMatch. Get started by using the form on this page, calling 800.272.3900 or emailing
  2. Answer a few simple questions. This information will refine the list of recommended studies to those that best apply to you or the person you are helping sign up. All information is kept completely confidential unless you choose to share it with a study team.
  3. Review your study matches. You’re under no obligation to participate. You can reach out to researchers directly to sign up, or let researchers know that you are open to being contacted with more information about their study.

You can also browse available clinical studies by location, type and language, or sign up to be notified when new studies are posted that are relevant to you.

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If you have questions about TrialMatch or your clinical study matches, please call the Alzheimer's Association at 800.272.3900 or email