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Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Ride Journal: St. Louis to Springfield

Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Ride Journal: St. Louis to Springfield
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August 30, 2010
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This past weekend, I began my segment of the Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Ride, a one-day journey from St. Louis, Miss. to Springfield, Ill. As the president of U.S. financial products at Genworth Financial, I can say that we are proud to be a Champion of the Alzheimer’s Early Detection Alliance, helping to increase awareness of the impact of Alzheimer’s disease. As an avid cyclist, the Alzheimer's Breakthrough Ride was a wonderful opportunity to combine my interests: I could simultaneously raise awareness of Alzheimer’s and enjoy a few days in the saddle.

What an awesome experience! 103 miles of nice flat blacktop through the cornfields of my home state - starting with a morning sunrise looking back at the arch in St. Louis as we crossed the "Mighty Mississippi". Met a great team from Boston - (hey guys, hope the wind was at your back the last 60 miles), the support team was terrific, the weather was spectacular...and we got plenty of attention from folks along the way. I would like to share what an honor it is to be riding alongside these researchers, who commit themselves so tirelessly to unlocking the mysteries of Alzheimer’s on a daily basis: Cindy Lemere, Sarah Matousek, Oliver Holmes and Stephanie Soscia. Thanks for your positive attitude and camaraderie along the road!

If you read this and you haven’t already, please visit to sign the petition. It’s a small act that has the potential to make a very large impact. Thanks for the opportunity to participate, I look forward to this ride making a difference in Washington!

-Buck Stinson President of Insurance Products and Retirement and Protection Genworth Financial, a Memory Walk National Team

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