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Board of Directors

Teresa Valko, Chair
Leigh Cashman, Vice Chair
Jeff Branco
John Dixon
Katina Etsell
Jessica Foster
Rhonda Henderson
Kiersten Hess
Mike James
Sharon Kennedy
Kenneth Kosik, MD
Richard Mann
Lol Sorensen

Emeritus Board

Charlie Zimmer
Robert Hirsch
Danna McGrew

Chapter Headquarters

1528 Chapala Street #204
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
805.892.4259 - t
805.892.4250 - f

Rhonda Spiegel, Executive Director

Donna Beal, Vice President, Programs and Advocacy

Vice President, Development and Communications - Vacant

Kelly Mahan, Director of Operations

Katelyn Reeves, Board Relations & Strategic Initiatives Manager  

Senior Development Manager - Vacant

Ashley Lee, Communications Manager

Marcy Maler, Educator and Care Specialist

Maureen McNulty, Executive Donor Advisor, Relationship Development

Ventura County Regional Office

2580 East Main Street, Suite 201
Ventura, CA 93003 
805.494.5200 - t
805.557.1001 - f

Monica A. Schrader, Ventura County Regional Director

Jordana Lawrence, Educator and Care Specialist

McCall James, Development Manager

Santa Maria Regional Office 

120 East Jones Street, Suite 113 
Santa Maria, CA 93454 
805.636.6432 - t 
805.614.7205 - f

San Luis Obispo County Regional Office 

71 Zaca Lane, Suite 110 
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 
805.547.3830 - t 
805.784.9400 - f

Rayleen Moran, Family Services Manager

Sonya Branco, Program and Development Director

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