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Laura Bowley
Laura Bowley is the director of the virtual Mindset Centre for Living with Dementia. Motivated by her mother’s experience with vascular dementia, Laura started Mindset Centre to change the story of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia through advocacy, education, and peer support. This approach includes listening to the voices of people living with dementia, and empowering individuals to express their wants and emotions. To that end, Laura partnered with the interactive theatre project To Whom I May Concern® and launched the My Dementia Story project for people with dementia to share their stories. She has worked with To Whom I May Concern® to develop and launch its facilitator training program. In 2016, she published In My World, a colorful book of short stories for people living with dementia. She was an allied partner of the Ontario Dementia Advisory Group and developed online workshops to prepare individuals living with dementia to participate in Canada’s National Dementia Strategy Conference.

Taylor Kuzel, MPH, HSM
Taylor Taylor Kuzel, MPH, HSM is an Associate Program Director for the Alzheimer’s Association, Central New York Chapter, the world’s leading organization in Alzheimer’s care and support. She works as part of a team to grow the reach of caregiver support services through the region by providing education and consultative services. She leads professional training programs for the Chapter in long-term care and community-based settings with a focus on delivering and improving care quality for those living with dementia. Kuzel earned her master’s in public health from Upstate Medical University and a certificate in health services management from The Maxwell School of Syracuse University, where her research culminated in a capstone project that examined how to improve health outcomes for individuals living with dementia. She also has a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Oswego.