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Why choose the Alzheimer's Association as your education provider?

Studies show that when staff members know how to meet the needs of residents with dementia, families are more satisfied and staff has increased productivity and job satisfaction. We can customize our trainings to meet state regulations and train in modules as short as an hour. 


Developed for professional care providers of individuals living with dementia, Alzheimer’s Association essentiALZ® is an online dementia care certification program that provides recognition for knowledge of quality dementia care practices. 

In-Service Training

Trainings are available on a variety of topics and are delivered on-site at health care facilities or other community-based providers. All sessions are one hour.
Course topics include:

  • An Introduction to Person Centered Care
  • An Overview of Dementia
  • Improving Communication
  • Understanding Behavior That We Find Challenging
  • Providing Meaningful Activities for People with Dementia
  • Medications and Dementia
  • Dementia – A Special Kind of Caring


  • The fee for professional trainings is $100 per hour session.
  • The fee for trainings for family members at your facility is $50 per hour session.
  • Tailor-made programs following a training needs analysis, price upon request.


Continuing Education Units are available upon request.

Foundations of Dementia Care

This national training program is part of the Alzheimer’s Association Campaign for Quality Residential Care. It provides care professionals with hands-on practices that are based on the latest research and evidence of dementia care experts.  There are 21 training modules (one hour each) that over nine critical care areas.
Cost: $2,000 for $100 per hour session.
Contact our professionals through the 24/7 Helpline 800.272.3900.

Web-Based Training Programs

The Alzheimer's Association is committed to helping professionals improve their knowledge and skills, build stronger teams and deliver better care to people with dementia and their families. Our training and education programs are geared to professionals working in both community-based and residential care settings.

Our programs and meetings have been attended by activity professionals, administrators, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, social workers and staff trainers. Many of our programs offer CEU's. 

CARES: A Dementia Caregiving Approach

This affordable, Web-based program has six, one-hour training modules that are geared primarily to direct care workers, particularly nursing assistants. Each module uses text and streaming video to illustrate how to best care for people with dementia living in residential care settings. Topics include:

  • Clara Jones and her Care Team
  • Introduction to Dementia
  • Understanding Behavior as Communication
  • Making a Connection with the Resident
  • Eating Well
  • Recognizing Pain

View the description of the modules, pricing plans and a free demo here.