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Giving Tuesday
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What is #GivingTuesday?

#GivingTuesday is a global giving movement that has been built by individuals, families, organizations, businesses and communities in all 50 states and in countries around the world. This year, #GivingTuesday will be held on November 28, 2017. #GivingTuesday harnesses the collective power of a unique blend of partners to transform how people think about, talk about and participate in the giving season. It inspires people to take collective action to improve their communities, give back in better, smarter ways to the charities and causes they believe in, and help create a better world. #GivingTuesday demonstrates how every act of generosity counts, and that they mean even more when we give together.

Why give to the Alzheimer's Association this Giving Tuesday?

Alzheimer's disease is the only leading cause of death in the US that cannot be slowed, prevented or cured. But imagine if one day we found the first survivor of Alzheimer's. Your gift can help us make that day a reality. Whether it's $10, $20, or $100, every dollar makes a difference.

Where does your gift go?

Your tax-deductible gift will go to support the efforts of our largest fundraising event, the Columbus Walk to End Alzheimer's®, which help to fund the Central Ohio Chapter programs and services such as a 24/7 helpline, education programs and support groups, and funds critical research need to one day find treatments or cure of the disease.

The Columbus Walk to End Alzheimer's was help September 24, 2017 and walkers across Central Ohio came out to support the cause. Their fundraising efforts helped us raise more than $750,000 dollars to-date. Our goal is to raise $800,000 by December 31 and make the Columbus Walk one of the top Walk fundraisers in the country!

During the walk we hand out promise garden flowers that represent each person's connection to the disease. Find your connection below and click the donate now to help us make what is now just imagined - a world without Alzheimer's - a reality.

 Sarah J. Storer held the orange flower at the Columbus Walk to End Alzheimer's because she supports the cause and the vision of a world without Alzheimer's disease. Sarah fights to end Alzheimer's in memory of her grandfather Dr. Quentin Kenoyer, he was a brilliant man, a doctor who made a living using his mind, practicing into his early 80s. He and her grandmother had a true love story. Sarah describes Alzheimer's disease as a  slow and agonizing process, a disease that cuts into the heart of families and loved ones. Among many things, Sarah is a comedian, she with members of the Hashtag Comedy Group held several fundraisers since her grandfather's passing including one to help raise money for the 2017 Walk to End Alzheimer's. She is grateful to work with a group of people willing to give their time to make others laugh, while raising money to fight against Alzheimer's. If you are a supporter of the cause and the vision of  a world without Alzheimer's disease like Sarah DONATE NOW.  

The purple flower represents Jeri Diehl-Cusack. Jeri carried the purple flower because she has lost someone to Alzheimer's disease, two people in fact. Her first Alzheimer's journey began in 1981 with her 58-year-old mom Janet, who battled the disease for  more than 17 years until her passing. Eight short years later her dad, Bernard, was diagnosed continuing their journey until his passing at the age of 87. Now she's navigating the journey once again with her 93-year-old mother-in-law. Jeri understands the importance of advocacy and lends her voice to this important cause any chance she gets. If you have lost someone to the disease like Jeri has DONATE NOW.

The yellow flower represents people like our chapter board member Ron Keller.Ron carried a yellow flower at this year’s Walk because he is caring for someone with Alzheimer’s.  
Ron is a caregiver for his mom Edna; he says it’s devastating to see your parent slip away because of this terrible disease.  To watch your mother, go from a strong, vibrant woman who was a nurse and raised 10 kids to someone who has lost her independence, can’t walk, eats with her fingers and who doesn’t know her children is difficult to put into words, but very simply, it’s heartbreaking.  For all those caregivers experiencing the same, we thank you for everything you do. If you are caring for someone with Alzheimer's like Ron is DONATE NOW.

The blue flower represents people like Chuck Thomas. Chuck is here today because he has Alzheimer’s disease. Chuck was diagnosed 13 years ago at the age of 42.  Chuck says he feels lucky to have good support from his family, the Alzheimer’s Association and his adult day program and this support makes him feel complete.  He says he continues to keep  in touch with people he’s met through these programs and they now feel like family. If you are living with Alzheimer's like Chuck is DONATE NOW.

This year at the Walk to End Alzheimer's, we introduced a new flower. A flower of hope that one day we will find the first survivor of Alzheimer's. The young girl carried this white flower in honor of her grandfather because she would like to see at least one flower in her lifetime. If you want to find the first survivor of Alzheimer's like she does DONATE NOW


Alzheimer's Association

Our vision: A world without Alzheimer's disease®.
Formed in 1980, the Alzheimer's Association is the world's leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer's care, support and research.