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The Alzheimer’s Association’s has a variety of programs to support family caregivers.

Care Training Resources

Being a caregiver doesn't come with an instruction manual, but there are resources available to help. Use the trainings and workshops on this page to gain caregiving skills and practical advice.

Support Groups

Whenever facing difficult times, having a good support network you can turn to for advice and encouragement may help you feel socially connected and give you a sense of belonging and purpose. Connecting with others like you may help put your own experiences living with the disease in perspective, and provide you with the support and encouragement necessary to move beyond your diagnosis. Find a local face-to-face support group or join our online support community, AlzConnected®.

Here are some testimonials from people who have attended our support groups.

I found out I'm not alone in this journey, there are others walking beside me, struggling with me.  Before attending a support group, I felt I was very much alone.

You can say things in the group you couldn't say to people who are not or have not walked this journey and they will understand and relate.

You will hear great ideas on different things to try when confronted with a difficult situation or behavior.

24/7 Helpline

You can reach us by calling 800-272-3900. Day or night, you can talk with a dementia specialist who can assist you with problem solving, refer you to community resources, and listen.

Caregiver College

Being a caregiver doesn't come with an instruction manual, but there are resources available to help. Hear from those directly affected and learn what you need to know, what you need to plan, and what you can do at each point along the way. Our college runs from in a variety of locations.
See more: Education Programs.

Cannot get to a Support Group: Connect with Others Online AlzConnected®

AlzConnected® is the Alzheimer’s Association message boards and chat rooms provide a virtual online community for persons with Alzheimer's, caregivers and care providers. Our message boards have thousands of registered members from around the United States and thousands more who refer to the stories and information that is available 24 hours a day.

Map out a plan to approach Alzheimer's

When facing Alzheimer's disease, there are a lot of things to consider. Alzheimer's Navigator® helps guide you to answers by creating a personalized action plan and linking you to information, support and local resources.

  • Planning for the Future
  • Working with Doctor/Healthcare Professionals
  • Caregiver Support
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Home Safety
  • Driving
  • Knowledge of Alzheimer's

Caregiver Center

Our Caregiver Center is filled with a variety of topic information and tip sheets. See more.

When someone asks "what can I do to help?" ask them for their email address.

The Care Team Calendar is a free, personalized online tool to organize family and friends who want to help with caregiving. This service makes it easy to share activities and information with your community. Helpers can sign up for specific tasks, such as preparing meals, providing rides or running errands. You can post items for which assistance is needed. Then simply add them to your Care Team Calendar. From there, they can sign up and start helping.

Learn more about how to be prepared

Whether you are new to finding elder care resources or if you are already providing care, your needs may change as the Alzheimer’s disease or dementia progresses. Personalize you search. Make an informed decision.
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