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Below are some of the opportunities we typically have available throughout the year.

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Special Event Support

You’ll help coordinate, decorate, assist with registration, greet guests, and set up for Memories in the Making art auction, Reason to Hope luncheon/breakfast, and/or the Walk to End Alzheimer's.


The Alzheimer’s Association honors the dignity and contributions of diverse communities and provides services that are culturally and linguistically inclusive. Make a long term commitment and become a regular volunteer- the majority of the work being done during your own time in between monthly meetings. Volunteers will add their expertise to committees for fundraising events, such as Walk to End Alzheimer’s or moving our Diversity and Inclusion pillar forward. Or join our Young Professionals group to network and receive fundraising experience.

Helpline Specialist

Make follow up phone calls at the request of past callers and provide resource information and caregiver support weekly- Monday through Friday during the hours of 10 AM to 2 PM. Volunteers must have caregiving experience (personal or professional) with an Alzheimer’s or dementia patient, and prefer not currently personally caregiving. Bilingual skills welcome. Information to the caller is provided using both online and printed Association resources. Requires great telephone etiquette, including the use of basic empathetic listening and affirmation techniques. Volunteers need computer skills to look up information and enter data into an online data base, and ability to use phone throughout shift. As one of the most utilized services provided by the Association, regular attendance and adherence to scheduled shifts is expected. Training is completed within three weeks in several sessions (about 15-20 hours).      

Support Group Facilitator 

The primary duty of the volunteer is to guide a meeting for persons who are caring for someone who has Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. Groups meet once a month on set days and at set times.  Facilitate discussions, welcome newcomers; ensure opportunities for participation among the members of the group and complete minor administrative tasks. Knowledge of the disease and care-giving issues (personal or professional) is required. Bilingual skills welcome.

Memories in the Making Facilitator 

In coordination with a trained care center staff person, plans and facilitates a weekly art group for individuals diagnosed with dementia. Some art background preferred. Understanding of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is helpful, as is a sensitivity to the feelings of others and the ability to read body language. Bilingual skills welcome. One-day training is offered several times a year. Groups meet once a week; commitment is usually about 2 hours each week.

Community Educator

Refine your presentation skills; become familiar with several different educational programs related to Alzheimer's disease and then be available to deliver presentations to a variety of groups in our community. Bilingual skills welcome. Curriculum, power point slides, handouts provided for all events.  Speaking engagements are offered in areas throughout Colorado and at a variety of days and times. Training available in 1 session (approx. 8 hours) at your local office followed by observation of first class. Four hours of online classes are completed prior to attending training.  

Hispanic/Latino Community Engagement Leader

As the population ages and becomes increasingly more diverse, the Alzheimer's Association continues to expand its mission, activities and initiatives to remain highly inclusive and meet the demand for culturally and linguistically sensitive information and increase awareness among all persons living with the disease and their caregivers. We want to include all people in the fight against Alzheimer's by engaging diverse communities in the full mission of the Association.

Early Stage Social Engagement Leader

Lend a hand with lively discussion groups, music programs, and other socially engaging activities for individuals with early-stage Alzheimer’s and their care partners. Knowledge of the disease (personal or professional) and the challenges faced in the early stages is indispensable. Capacity to maintain confidentiality is needed. Bilingual (English/Spanish) skills welcome! Training and orientation for activities is completed by staff in the local office. 

Public Policy Advocate

Use your family's dementia story to help other families struggling with the disease. Advocates speak with their elected officials about their experience with dementia (state legislators and members of Congress). They tell public officials what helped them through their family's disease journey and what they were missing that would've helped. That information helps elected officials change the "rules" around those items to increase care and support to dementia families. No prior experience with advocacy or the legislative process is required. We will give you all the tools you need to use your story to help others. On average, volunteer advocates should expect to commit two to three hours of time per month

Faith Outreach Representatives

Representatives are liaisons between the Alzheimer’s Association and local faith groups or congregations. They share information about Alzheimer’s disease, our free resources, and ways to join our cause at local community and education events.

Community Outreach Representative

Represent the Alzheimer's Association at community events such as health fairs, senior centers and workplace wellness fairs. Connect one-on-one with attendees, describing Association services and resources. Provide participants with additional information as needed and make referrals to the Alzheimer’s Association programs and helpline. 

Data Entry/Office

Like to lend a hand behind the scenes? Help the Alzheimer’s Association apply for important grants by completely computer data entry each week. We teach you to utilize our database and provide staff support during shift. Volunteers work shift of their choice during regular business hours M-F between 9 AM and 3 PM.

Diversity & Inclusion Outreach

The Alzheimer’s Association offers culturally appropriate support for Latinos, African Americans and the LGBT community. Multicultural Education Program Series, Support Groups, Helpline and Care Consultations are all available in Spanish, and address the unique needs of a broad range of diverse communities. Volunteers who have connections to these and other community and cultural groups are especially welcome. 

Photographers and Videographers

We have an opportunity for a few talented videographers and photographers! We have numerous events throughout the year that require photography and videography. We'd like a few a long-term volunteers to be on hand for one or more throughout the year.    

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