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As the population of the U.S. ages and becomes more diverse, the burden of dementia may be falling disproportionately on elderly minorities, both in terms of prevalence and severity. The Alzheimer’s Association - Central and Western Kansas Chapter is accelerating our reach by sharing and developing resources and exchanging ideas within diverse communities in order to increase momentum of awareness about Alzheimer’s and the Alzheimer’s Association. By partnering with organizations locally and nationally to advance diversity and inclusion, we strengthen the message that the Alzheimer’s Association is here for all people.

Here are a few local organizations that are partnering with the Alzheimer’s Association - Central and Western Kansas Chapter:

Wichita Veterans Affairs (VA) - Robert J. Dole

The Alzheimer's Association and the Wichita VA partner together to provide care and support for all of the Veterans and families they serve.

K-State Research and Extension

This statewide network of educators shares unbiased, research-based information and expertise on issues important to Kansas. It has established local, state, regional, national and international partnerships. The Alzheimer's Association and the K-State Research Extension Offices partner together to provide resources and education to all.

Area Agencies on Aging

The Alzheimer's Association works together with these agencies to provide resources for those 65 and above.

For more information about any of the outreach efforts you see above, or if you have a suggestion for a local diverse partnership, contact Fe Vorderlandwehr, Chapter Executive Director, at