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The Alzheimer's Association is honoring individuals who are helping to increase Alzheimer's awareness in the African American communities in Kansas. Christyn M. Gunter is one such individual.

Christyn Gunter is the proud wife to her loving husband, Daley Fitzgerald Gunter, and an excited mom to their one year old daughter, Navey (Nae-vee) Genise Gunter. She currently serves as an abstinence lifestyle coach and Sr. Pastor of Rock Christian Fellowship Church where she and the congregation are active in missions, evangelism and soul business.

Gunter knows that her church and other organizations must be more intentional about reaching the senior population and as she says, "humble ourselves to utilize the free support services offered by the Alzheimer's Association." Just like other Kansas organizations, Gunter's church wants a healthy community and believes one way to do that is to know more about dementia in general and what to do, who to turn to, if you are diagnosed with it. "Be proactive, not reactive," says Gunter. In addition she is on the board for W - Young professionals of Wichita under the Chamber of commerce, leader of Access and Inclusion for the Global Leadership Summit, Education chair for the Juneteenth ICT committee and more. 

The Alzheimer's Association thanks Christyn Gunter for making a difference for those faced with Alzheimer's or other dementia.