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Due to COVID-19, Memory Cafés are not being held in person at this time. Please check back when social distancing guidelines change. 

Memory Cafés provide opportunities for persons diagnosed with early stage memory loss and their care partner(s)/family to engage with peers in a relaxed, unstructured environment.  The café atmosphere promotes social engagement and support through interaction with others experiencing similar lifestyle changes.  

These social gatherings may include conversations about coping with memory loss, recent vacations, careers, hobbies—basically whatever participants want to share with each other.A representative from the Alzheimer’s Association will be in attendance but the café is not a facilitator driven program.  

Participants in the Memory Café must:

  • be diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment, early to middle stage Alzheimer’s disease or a related memory disorder
  • have been told of their diagnosis and acknowledge their memory loss
  • understand the purpose of the program, express interest and willingness to participate
  • have no other medical conditions or serious mental illness which might put him/her or others in the program at risk
  • be a care partner (family or friend) attending with the person diagnosed with the disorder (care partners are not required to attend but are welcomed