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Eric VanVlymen, Regional & Executive Director; 937.291.3332

Meg Rose, Administrative Assistant; 937.610.7007

Care and Support
Rebecca Hall, Director of Programs; 937.610.7013

Rachel Bartley, Clinical Manager; 937.610.7010

Dawn Boroff, Support Group Program Manager; 937.610.7016

Holly Elkins-Lopez, Education Program Manager; 937.610.7011

Karen Carter, Vice President of Development 937.610.7002

Sarah Frank, Walk Manager,  
Miami County, Shelby County, and Springfield/Urbana; 937.610.7014

Juliet Glaser, Walk Director, Dayton; 937.610.7001

Edwina Blackwell Clark, Director of Communications/Media Relations; 937.610.7004

Public Policy 
Trey Addison, State Public Policy Director; 614.549.6735

Steve Olding, Public Policy and Public Affairs Manager; 859.835.1790