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February 2017
The Judy Fund
Dear Family and Friends,

Through The Judy Fund, our father, Marshall Gelfand, has shown us all what one family can do to help change the world. Our father's ultimate battle, his fight against Alzheimer's disease, is a very personal one — it's one that honors our mother and is a way to protect us, his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and the future generations of all families. His fight is an example of leading from the heart.

Dr. Maria Carrillo
Dr. Maria Carrillo
Why We Love… Our Donors

The Judy Fund couldn't have the impact we do without the love and support of friends like you! That's why, on this Valentine's Day, I'd like to share an email I recently received from Dr. Maria Carrillo, Chief Science Officer of the Alzheimer's Association.

You can read Dr. Carrillo's personal email and the article she refers to.

Why We Love… The Women's Research Initiative (WARI)

Though longevity and lower death rates can explain in part why women are at a higher risk than men to develop Alzheimer's, many fundamental questions remain. The Alzheimer's Association launched the Women's Alzheimer's Research Initiative (WARI) to advance studies on gender differences in Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. The Judy Fund is directly supporting WARI, which recently announced its first set of research awards to nine studies — eight in the United States and one in Italy. You can read more about each grant here.

Why We Love… Sammies

Congratulations to the men of Sigma Alpha Nu for raising more than $27,000 for The Judy Fund during No Shave November! We are so grateful for our wonderful partnership with the Sammies, which named The Judy Fund its national charity of choice in 2005.

Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen
Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen
Congratulations again to Will Clarke from Sigma Alpha Mu at Miami University on winning tickets to this year's Hilarity for Charity event! Will was the #1 fundraiser for the Sammie No Shave November challenge, and he had a blast with Snoop Dogg and host Seth Rogen.

David Berry and team
David Berry and his team at the Chicago Walk to End Alzheimer's.
Why We Love… The Judy Fund Walk to End Alzheimer's Teams

David Berry, Dean Gelfand's roommate in college, considered Judy to be his “second mom,” and now David's own mom is fighting the disease. In honor of both these wonderful women, David organized a team for The Judy Fund to participate in the Chicago Walk to End Alzheimer's. Over 40 of David's family members, friends and supporters joined his team, and together, they raised over $7,000!

Why We Love… The Judy Fund Salon Series: Mind&Heart

Not only are women disproportionately affected by Alzheimer's, they're also the heart of the fight against it. The Judy Fund Salon Series, Mind&Heart, targets women of the baby boom generation to reach and educate more people about the brain-heart connection. Engaging with one another and with expert professional speakers through The Judy Fund Salon Series, together we increase knowledge about the connection between brain health and heart health and enjoy stimulating conversation with the women we love!

Part The Cloud Luncheon
Part the Cloud Luncheon, San Francisco, CA – February 1, 2017
Why We Love… Women's Brain Health Events

The Part the Cloud Luncheon, held on February 1 in San Francisco, CA, raised over $800,000 to support Part the Cloud's mission to accelerate ​Alzheimer's ​research​. Part the Cloud has now raised over $17.8 million since 2012, in support of some of the most innovative research focused on the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease.

Maria Shriver
Maria Shriver
Why We Love… Maria Shriver

“Women are at the epicenter of the Alzheimer's crisis, which is why we must be at the heart of the solution.” -Maria Shriver

The Judy Fund is delighted that our friend and fellow WARI supporter Maria Shriver will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Alzheimer's Association 2017 Advocacy Forum, to be held in Washington, DC March 27-29.

Elizabeth Gelfand Stearns
Elizabeth Gelfand Stearns,
chair of The Judy Fund
JNS article profiles our fight against Alzheimer's

The Jewish News Service recently ran a piece on how I apply Jewish values and personal experience in my work to inspire action in the fight against Alzheimer's disease. Just another example of how this cause is a labor of love for us! Check out the article here, or on our Facebook page.

Thank you for the love you show The Judy Fund through your generous support.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Elizabeth Gelfand Stearns Elizabeth Gelfand Stearns
Chair, The Judy Fund
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