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Dear Friends,
I am writing to you after recently attending the Alzheimer's Association's International Conference® (AAIC®) in London, where I was honored for the advancements that Part the Cloud has made in the research field. I have been involved with the Association for almost 13 years, and never have I been as proud to be part of an organization as I was at AAIC. Nearly 5,700 Alzheimer's researchers and people working on the disease assembled in one room to talk about treatments, and it was thrilling to see many people working relentlessly for our cause.

At the conference, I had the opportunity to see firsthand the impact that Part the Cloud grants are making by hearing three of our grantees speak about their work and how Part the Cloud has catapulted their research forward. I also heard many scientists speak about the roles inflammation and neurodegeneration play in Alzheimer's research and more and more of them are studying early biomarkers and looking for ways to change genetics before Alzheimer's develops.

I left the conference even more energized and committed to our work and the Alzheimer's research community. Thank you all again for your outstanding commitment to bridging the gap in Alzheimer's research so that one day we will have a cure. Together, we will Part the Cloud!

Mikey Hoag and the Part the Cloud Steering Committee

Part the Cloud Researchers Featured at AAIC
Part the Cloud Researchers Featured at AAIC

The following PTC grant recipients attended the Alzheimer's Association's International Conference and spoke at a panel about how PTC has impacted their research:
  • Linda Van Eldik, Ph.D., Director, Sanders-Brown Center on Aging & Director of the University of Kentucky Alzheimer's Disease Center funded by the NIH
  • Joel Braunstein, M.D., CEO of C2N Diagnostics since its inception, a privately held protein diagnostic and discovery company targeting progressive neurodegeneration
  • Huntington Potter, Ph.D., Director, Rocky Mountain Alzheimer's Disease Center & Director of Alzheimer's Disease Program, Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome
According to Dr. Huntington Potter, these PTC grants were received at a critical time: "These PTC monies are received at a time when we are trying something novel, aka "crazy." NIH and companies don't invest in crazy. But this is when the money is needed the most."

Since receiving grants from Part the Cloud all three of these researchers have gone on to receive additional funding from the NIH and we look forward to sharing additional updates as their research progresses. Learn more.
Jerome Stone Award
Jerome Stone Award

On July 15, Part the Cloud Founder Mikey Hoag was honored with the Jerome H. Stone Philanthropy Award for Alzheimer's Research at the Alzheimer's Association's International Conference in London. The annual award honors individuals and organizations that have had significant impact on the global Alzheimer's research field through their philanthropy. Learn more.
Additional AAIC Updates
Additional AAIC Updates

  • Several new studies presented at AAIC® 2017 significantly associated sleep disordered breathing and sleep apnea with accumulation of amyloid and tau in the brain two important markers for Alzheimer's disease. Learn more.
  • Brain amyloid PET scans may substantially impact medical management of people with dementia, according to interim results from the Imaging Dementia-Evidence for Amyloid Scanning (IDEAS) Study, which is led by the Alzheimer's Association and managed by the American College of Radiology. This data will be submitted to Medicare to show evidence for why scans should be covered by Medicare in the future. Learn more.
  • The Lancet International Commission on Dementia Prevention, Intervention and Care reported that more than one third of global dementia cases may be preventable through addressing lifestyle factors that impact an individual's risk. Learn more.
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