Exciting new Part the Cloud updates
New Part the Cloud Grant Recipients:
Manfred Windisch, Ph.D.
Krista L. Lanctot, Ph.D.

Challenge to RESCUE
Dear Friends,
Thanks to your generosity, in six short years, Part the Cloud, has already had a tangible impact on the field of Alzheimer's research. As we look ahead to fall, I wanted to share some exciting updates on Part the Cloud and the progress we have made so far.

First, I am pleased to announce that using the funds raised at February's Part the Cloud Luncheon, we have awarded two new research grants to Dr. Manfred Windisch at Neurokine Therapeutics in Philadelphia and Dr. Krista L. Lanctot at the Sunnybrook Research Institute in Toronto. Please see below for additional information on each of their studies.

I am also proud to share that since 2013, Part the Cloud alone has met the goal set forth by the National Plan to Address Alzheimer's disease and moved forward more than 10 novel drugs and 10 re-purposed drugs. Going forward, our goal is to continue to move the needle by funding cutting-edge research with the goal of helping the millions of people affected by brain disease.

To that end, I am thrilled to announce the next Part the Cloud Challenge, which will build on the success of our most recent Part the Cloud Challenge on Neuroinflammation and continue to advance the critical research needed in the underfunded Alzheimer's space. The PTC Challenge to RESCUE (which stands for REverse, reStore, Cease and UndErstand) will focus on neurodegeneration and strive to advance potential therapeutics and accelerate our understanding of the processes involved in neurodegeneration. Further details on this exciting new challenge are below, and I look forward to sharing additional information in the coming months.

Finally, please continue to save the date for our next Part the Cloud Gala on April 28, 2018 at the Rosewood Sand Hill. Thank you for your outstanding support, and I hope to see you there to celebrate our success!

Mikey Hoag and the Part the Cloud Steering Committee

New Part the Cloud Grant Recipients
Manfred Windisch, Ph.D.
Manfred Windisch, Ph.D., Neurokine Therapeutics, LLC in Philadelphia, PA
Title: Phase 1 Study of MW150: Novel Stress Kinase Inhibitor Candidate

Dr. Windisch and colleagues will devote their research grant to conducting a phase 1 human clinical trial of MW150. The trial will determine what dosage levels of the drug are safe and tolerated with an ascending dose study in humans. It will also clarify how the drug is absorbed and metabolized in the human body. For this effort, the investigators will test their drug on older human volunteers without dementia. The participants will be grouped in cohorts of 10. Eight people in each group will receive the drug, while the other two will receive a placebo. Learn more.
Krista L. Lanctot, Ph.D.
Krista L. Lanctot, Ph.D., Sunnybrook Research Institute in Toronto, Canada
Title: Linking GSH and Cognitive Response: A Pilot Phase 2a Study of N-acetylsysteine (NAC) in VCIND

Dr. Lanctot and colleagues will evaluate whether a compound known as N-acetylsysteine (NAC), which can boost glutathione production, may improve cognition and brain health in the study's participants. As part of this effort, the participants will receive a series of cognitive tests to determine how NAC treatment may improve cognitive function over time. In addition, Dr. Lanctot and team will use newly-developed magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) imaging techniques to evaluate the impact of NAC in study participants with VCIND and in those with healthy brains. These same individuals will receive beta-amyloid PET imaging to determine whether they have Alzheimer's-like brain changes as well. Learn more.
Challenge to RESCUE
Part the Cloud is thrilled to announce the Part the Cloud Challenge to RESCUE (REverse, reStore, Cease and UndErstand) Brain Cell Degeneration in Alzheimer's disease, which aims to accelerate therapeutics and discovery of innovative compounds to be used in early clinical trials. The Challenge will fund human studies to advance innovative ideas for early phase human trials (Phase 1 or Phase 2a proof of concept) that addresses therapies to target neuron cell health in Alzheimer's disease — this could include, but is not limited to, therapies to address synaptic dysfunction, neurogenesis and neuronal protection. Up to six projects will be awarded $1 million each, and after two years, the experimental approach that shows the most promise will be considered for an additional $4 million investment. Learn more.
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