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Guides & Evacuation

The Florida Department of Elder Affairs Disaster Preparedness Page: Contains Evacuee Information and Hurricane Guides in both English and Spanish.

Advance Preparations Disasters, such as a hurricane or fire, have significant impact on everyone's safety, but they can be especially upsetting and confusing for individuals with dementia. We all hope that we never experience a disaster but it is important to be prepared just in case.

Tips for Caregivers: Scroll to the middle of the page for the tips, there is also a link at the bottom.

TBO.Com Hurricane Guide and Information.

Storm Update Links

The following links provide information regarding storms that are forming and projected paths

All Shelters

Click here for a list of shelters by County throughout Florida.

Pet Friendly Shelters

For FEMA to provide post-disaster assistance funds to a County, that County is required to have a Pet Shelter available.

Please utilize Pet Shelters as you last choice, our recommendations of alternative choices are:
  • 1st Choice – A pet-friendly relative or friend's house that's out of the evacuation area. 
  • 2nd Choice - The next best place to go is a pet-friendly hotel or motel that's out of the evacuation area. 
If the first two options won't work for you, our next suggestion is to find a pet-friendly emergency shelter in your area. Click here for a link that will provide information about how to plan for pets during a hurricane and provide information about Pet Shelters in your county (Pet Shelter links are found by scrolling to the end of the linked page).

Special Needs Shelters

A Special Needs Shelter provides more care and supervision than a general shelter to help meet your special needs during an evacuation. To the extent possible under emergency conditions, the Special Needs Shelter will provide a safe sheltering environment and basic assistance to maintain your level of health. For more information about Special Needs Shelters Click Here.

Many Special Needs Shelters require you to pre-register and to reregister every year, please contact the Special Needs Shelter for your County to learn what you need to do.

State and County Emergency Management Information