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The Alzheimer's Association, Georgia Chapter is proud to be led by our Board of Directors, a team of committed people who are passionate about the mission, driving positive change for those affected by Alzheimer's through strategic vision and fund development.

Cindy Widner Wall - Chair
Florence "Pippy" Rogers - Vice Chair

At Large

Dan Goerke
Glen Patton
Margaret Morton
Billy Small, Jr.
Chris Stearns
Iveta Boyanchek
Deborah Moses
Amelie Trahant
Lisa A. Hasty, MD
Fayron Epps
Robert Polak
Stephanie Fiber-Sutton
John E. Pearson, Sr.
Phyllis Kitchens Thurmond
Debbie Levin
Dr. Jonathan Liss
Spencer Graves
Bruce Swain
Arthena Caston
John Rowlands
Frank Jones, MD