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The Georgia Chapter Early Stage Program

The statewide Early Stage Program at the Georgia Chapter provides a community of care and support to persons livng with a diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), Early Stage Alzheimer's, or related dementia, and their care partners.  We offer many opportunities to connect virtually as well as in person, in programs that align with recommended healthy lifestyle interventions for those living with dementia: exercise, socialization, cognitive strategies, nutrition education, and stress reduction,
To become involved, please call the Helpline at 800-272-3900 and request a call from Program Manager Jhazzmyn Joiner.  After determining together that our program will be beneficial to you and/or your loved one, you will receive our weekly early stage calendar email with all relevant information about joining virtually and in person.

Registration & assessment required. Please call 800.272.3900 to register

Our Programs

Gentle Yoga with Kathy
Kathy Alvarez, Alzheimer's Association Volunteer Extraordinaire, certified yoga instructor and aging yoga specialist, and Alzheimer's caregiver, leads us virtually in an hour long class of gentle chair yoga with guided meditation.  Alzheimer's experts recommend 30 minutes of exercie per day to reduce risk of dementia and to increase wellness and quality of life for those living with dementia.

Musing at The High
Thanks to a long standing partnership with The High Museum in Atlanta, we are able to bring this exciting art discussion program right to your home!  During "Musing at The High", you will view various works of art with the group and discuss the art, the artists as well as developments in history that influenced culture at the time the art was produced.  Whether you are already an art lover or new to the subject and have the desire to join others in an interesting program, we know you will enjoy "Musing" with us.

Carpe Diem Friends
A virtual social group for people with MCI, early-stage Alzheimer's disease, or other forms of dementia to gather and share their experiences, thoughts, and concerns.  Join this goup for an engaging and entertaining hour of conversation and social connection.

Carpe Diem Monthly Luncheon
A monthly luncheon held in person at various restaurants around the Metro Atlanta area.  Persons with a diagnosis and their care partners meet with others to socialize, enjoy lunch and each other's company.  Join us and find out why this is everyone's favorite lunch date!  Upcoming luncheons are in the works for Savannah, Columbus, Macon, Augusta and other town in Georgia.  If you would like to help us facilitate an early stage luncheon in your area, please call the Helpline and ask for Mary Caldwell, program manager.

Theatre Thursday with Denise
Please join us virtually for entertaining and therapeutic theatre games for person living with eary stage dementia or MCI and their care partners.  Denise Arribas, a professional actor and Alzheimer's Association advocate and volunteer in the Atlanta area, uses improvisational, theatre and storytelling techniques in an innovative approach to provide education and also to engage participants socially.

Living with Early Stage Dementia: Facts and Strategies
This virtual 8-week Psychoeducational Support Group for Persons Living with Dementia and their Care Partners is an excellent introduction to living ones best with dementia.  Subjects covered include the science behind the disease, how to tell others, effective communication with health professionals, medicines, healthy lifestyles interventions including stress reduction and nutrition, driving, and other guidance.  The series runs once per quarter and fills up fast, so please call today to reserve your spot.

Caregiver Only Yoga
This is a special once a week virtual session from our Lead Yoga Instructor, Kathy Alvarez, designed with care partner needs in mind.  Kathy leads this class for both floor and chair work to allow care partners at any stage to focus on their health and mental well being - don't miss this chance to connect and restore with other caregivers.

Early Stage Support Group for Persons Living with a Diagnosis and Their Care Partners
Led by our own experienced early stage facilitators, this is a 90 minute virtual support group for persons with a diagnosis of MCI, Alzheimer's or other dementia and their care partners.  The first half of the session will focus on the concerns of the person with a diagnosis, and the second part of the session will move to care partner support.

Care Partner Only Support Group
An hour long virtual support group for care partners only.  This is a confidential, safe space to learn more about dementia as well as receive peer support and share experiences.

Carpe Diem Care Partner Book Club
A virtual book club just for care partners of those with a diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment, Early Stage Alzheimer's, or related dementia.  Much like a traditional in person book club, we meet virtually to discuss books of our own choosing on the topic of early stage dementia and caregiving.