Randi and Jeff Gillman

Randi and Jeff Gillman.

As a partner in Gelfand, Rennert and Feldman, L.L.P, a financial firm servicing professionals in music, motion pictures, television, literature and other creative and performing arts, it’s Jeff Gillman’s job to help those who make life more enjoyable. But with his first exposure to Alzheimer’s disease, he learned quickly that just as easily as a movie or a song can put a smile on your face, losing your cognitive abilities can take it away.“There is no greater tragedy than seeing people suffer because they aren’t aware of what’s going on around them. As people’s memories and sense of themselves slip away, so does their quality of life,” Jeff said.

Jeff’s introduction to Alzheimer’s disease came through his relationship with his business partners, Marshall and Todd Gelfand. Working closely with Todd and growing to love the Gelfand family, he witnessed how Alzheimer’s took the mind and eventually the life of the family’s matriarch, Judy Gelfand (whom The Judy Fund honors). Jeff’s eyes opened to the heartbreaking disease as he experienced its devastating effects through the Gelfands. Moved and saddened, Jeff shared these experiences with his wife Randi. “One day, Todd would tell me how his mother got mad at him for hiding her keys. The next he was talking about how she didn’t even remember who he was,” Jeff said. “Being close to the family, I saw the dynamics of how they dealt with the illness. The decisions that had to be made, the daily struggles and the stark reality of how Alzheimer’s was slowly stealing the anchor of such a strong family.”

The Gelfands are fortunate to have access to plentiful resources. But despite the quality doctors and health care services available to them, they still were unable to beat Alzheimer’s. The Gelfands began to consider all of the other families enduring the same fight and it made them want to take action. Thus, The Judy Fund was created. And the Gelfands’ passion was infectious. “The Gelfands’ drive and ambition is extremely motivating. It makes you want to be on board. If they ask us do more, we’ll do more. If they ask us to attend an event, we’ll be there in a heartbeat,” Jeff said.

In addition to supporting The Judy Fund at the sponsor level, Jeff and Randi Gillman are annual participants in the Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s®. They have backed The Judy Fund since its inception and are dedicated to supporting the Alzheimer’s Association mission. With hopeful eyes and hearts they share in the vision of a world without Alzheimer’s disease.


Thank You Judy Fund Donors!

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