Ozer family gathers at the Manhattan Walk to End Alzheimer's

The extended Ozer family gathers at the Manhattan Walk to End Alzheimer's on October 28, 2017. Top row from left: Ivy Ozer, Michael Korten, Tess Korten, Scott Schweber, Tracey Schweber, Marisa Ozer, Jennifer Korten, Jeffrey Ozer holding Leo Ozer. Bottom row from left: Elizabeth Gelfand Stearns, Ellie Ozer, Sydney Schweber, Grace Korten.

For many families, "second cousins once removed" describes distant relatives. But the second and even third generations of the Ozer and Gelfand families couldn't be closer. The story begins with sisters Rose Glazer and Gertrude Glazer (great aunt and grandmother of Elizabeth Gelfand Stearns) who later married and became Rose Goldstein and Gertrude Jaffe.

Rose and Gertrude and their husbands lived on the same floor of the Woodrow Wilson apartment building in Forest Hills, Queens. Growing up down the hall from one another, the couples' daughters, Marsha Goldstein and Judy Jaffe — both only children — were like sisters. Marshall M. Gelfand says, "Not only was Marsha Ozer Judy Gelfand's cousin, they were best friends as well." Later in life, Marsha married Marty Ozer, and Judy married Marshall M. Gelfand. Today, Marsha and Marty's children — Ivy, Tracey, Jennifer and Jeffrey — and Judy and Marshall's children — Todd, Elizabeth and Dean — carry forward the legacy of mutual love and support between the families.

Tracey Schweber was a co-chair of The Judy Fund Mind&Heart New York City, and the extended Ozer family supported The Judy Fund National Walk Team at the Manhattan Walk on October 28, 2017. Tracey explains that the Ozer family participates in Walk to End Alzheimer's® to support the Gelfands and to show their admiration for the way Judy's family "stepped up" for her when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

The Ozers also walk, Tracey notes, to keep Judy's memory alive for the generations of Ozers who didn't have the opportunity to know her personally. "We all came together on that spectacular, gorgeous day and told stories about Judy," Tracey says. Walking side-by-side across the Brooklyn Bridge, the next generation continues the tradition of deep connection and support established by Marsha and Judy so many years ago.

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