Judy Fund with flowers

The Alzheimer's Association is deeply grateful for the support and generosity of all Judy Fund donors. The following list represents Judy Fund supporters at the Aspire and Alois Society levels. Make a donation to The Judy Fund.

Aspire Society

President's Level
$100,000 - $499,999+ 

Annenberg Foundation
City National Bank
Neil Diamond
Bob Dylan
Marshall Gelfand and Family
Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman LLP
Doreen and Todd Gelfand
Joy and Harry Goldstein
Jackie Lee and James Houston
Richard Kandel
Sue Ann and Richard Masson
Barbara and Garry Marshall
Harold Matzner
Newman's Own Foundation-Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Newman
Sigma Alpha Mu
Barbara A. Sinatra
Marilyn Swift Tennity Foundation
Barbara and Stanley R. Zax

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead
Sponsor Level
$25,000 - $99,999

The Auen Foundation
Caroline and Donald Babcock
Beach Drapery
Berman Charitable Trust
Terry and Russel Bernard
Elaine Blitz
Nicholas Brown
Cecelia Carr
Jean C. Carrus
Tracy Chapman
Peggy and Donald H. Cravens
John Cucci
Barbara Fremont
Joyce and Henry Freund
Helene Galen
Marcie and Dean Gelfand
Diane and Harold Gershowitz
Randi and Jeffrey Gillman
The Berry Gordy Family Foundation
Joan H. Holland and Eli Glassman
Daniel J. Hurwitz
The Estate of Mr. Edward Klein
Elaine and Edwin London
Momentous Insurance Brokerage, Inc
Linda and Ronald Nash
Newman's Own Foundation-Joanne Woodward Newman
Cydney and William N. Osterman
Pacific Premier Bank
Bette and William Pattis-The Pattis Family Foundation
The Alan Rafkin Foundation
Ellen and Irwin Rennert
Thelma Schnitzer
Daniel Schwartz
Dennis Seidenfeld
Elizabeth Gelfand Stearns and Richard Stearns
Anita and Allan Sutton
Marjorie Victor
Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation
Jan and Stephen Winston
Sandra R. Young
Herman Wouk
Lynn and Robert Zimmer

Benefactor Level
$10,000 - $24,999

Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians
Betty Bloomfield
Virginia Becker
The Donald Bellisario Trust
Crown Family
Desert Healthcare District
Matthew Dragicevich Charitable Remainder Trust
Penny and Lowell Dreyfus
Edison International
Eisenhower Medical Center
Eliashar-Hurwitz Family
Rina Eliashar
Margaret and Robert Fagenson
Nancy and Robert Fraiman
Dorothy Goldstein
Paul Greenberg
Helen and Alan Greene
William L. Harper, Jr.
Noreen and Doug Herzog
Anne Holland
Daniele and David Jackel
Ellen and Todd Kamelhar

Pat and David Kaplan
Carla Kirkeby
Joe Kirshenbaum
Roberta and Clayton Klein
Robert Leberman
Annette and Theodore Lerner
David Lyons
Donna MacMillan
Joan and Donald Maltzman
Mariner Health Care Management
Marriott Senior Living Services
JoAnn McGrath
Sandra Ovesen and Harry Dean
Joanna and William Persky
Susan and P. Vincent Picchione
H. Lewis Rapaport
Diane and Harry Rinker
Sandra and Stuart Roth
Sherman's Deli & Bakery
Annette and Leonard Shapiro
Nancy Stark and Stanley Iezman
Marion and Jerome H. Stone
Jacqueline Suitt
Sunrise Senior Living
Ralph Tash
Caroline and James Taylor
Carol Traub
Marilyn J. Weston
Vista Cove - Rancho Mirage
Gilda and Daniel Zirinsky


Alois Society

Leslie and Michael Aday
Agua Caliente Cultural Museum
Ruth M. Albert
Melissa and Douglas Allensworth
Mariann and Phil Z. Altfeld
Anastasia and Jerome Angel
Anonymous (5)
Robert Archer
Meredith and William Asher
Autry Foundation
Joan Baker
Bakst, Ellen
Lawrence Barnett
Carol Bayless
Jackie and Jack Benaroya
Catherine and David Budd
Lace and Richard Bencivengo
Shirley and Edwin Benkowski
Robert L. Bennion and Joseph DeVille
Gerald E. Benston
Laurie Berman
Geraldine Bernabucci
Carol and Glenn J. Bjorklund
Edra Blixseth
Raymond E. Bodeur
Sherry and John Boop
Sandra and. Robert A. Borns
Betty and George Bovis
Boyer Family Charitable Foundation
Myrna and David Braun
Brighton Gardens
Dorothy Broderick
Patrick R. Burke
Ettie and Gerard Butters
California Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Campbell
Canyon Foundation
Richard Caro
Tim Casey
Patsy and Robert Casteel
Harriett and Myron Cholden
Harvey Chernof
Helena Chui
City of Rancho Mirage
CLFS Equities, LLP
Walter Clark
Cyma and Leo Cohen
Jackie and Eddie Cohen
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Corp.
Ardean and Albert Cook
Country Villa Rancho Mirage
Patricia D. Craine
Gerald B. Cramer
Lauri and Dennis Crane
Crosby Family Foundation
Crossfields Insurance Brokerage, LLC
John Cucci
Inese and Jeffrey Cummings
Marjorie and Stephen J. Curtis
Michele and Mark DeMille
The Living Desert
Desert Samaritans for the Elderly
Judith and Richard Dezelan
Nancy and Dennis Ditlove
Eileen and John Donnelly
Robert Dorfman
Jane Dorian
Laurie and Scott Dubchansky
East Bay Community Foundation
Evelyn Edidin
Donald Edwards
Sharon Eliashar
Joanne and Jack Faer
Nancy and Kevin Fahey
Bernice and Scott Falltrick
Edith and Arnold Familian
William F. Farley
Shelley Fabares-Farrell and Mike Farrell
Janet M. Fawcett
Margarete and Rabbi Morley T. Feinstein
Freyda and Ronald Feldman
Deborah and Ronald Fellman
Judge Norman Fenton
Cheryl and Robert Fey
Bernie Fine
Barry B. Finestone
David Finn
Sandra and Chip Fisher
Burton Fogelman and Donald Crouse
Gerald W. Fogelson
Betty Ford Center
Carol and Ronald A. Fragen
Irene and Wallace Franson
Barbara L. Fuller
Tracy and James Fuller
Franklin T. Gaeta
Mary B. Garber
Carol and Roger Gavin
Leslie and Robert Gebhart
Stephen Geist
Lisa Genova
Gayle and Jeff Gerber
Brooke and Steve Giannetti
Karen and Robert Ginsberg
Marsha Gleeman
Morris Glickman Foundation, Inc.
Sandra Gordon

Beth Goss and Greg Michelson
Vicki and Larry Graves
James R. Greenbaum
Lovey and Irving M. Greenberg
Stefanie and Jonathan Greenberg
Greenspan Family Foundation
Lee and James Greenwald
Earl Greinetz
Atria Hacienda
Rosalind and Stan Hack
Alex Haimes
Marilyn and Monty Hall
Elizabeth Halt
William L. Harper, Jr.
Mary Hatfield
Laverne and Martin Hecht
Medora and Henry Heilbron
The Held Foundation
Marlene Hennessey
Gabriele and Gilbert Herer
Hertz & Lichtenstein, LLP
Herbert Hirsh
Helene and Philip E. Hixon
Barbara and Stephen Hoffmann
Greg Holcomb
Roberta Holland
Gerda and Samuel Hook
Faith and Rabbi Joseph M. Hurwitz
Tamar Hurwitz and Drew Fleming
Hyman Levine Family Foundation
Temple Isaiah
Iowa Foundation for Education, Environment & Arts
Lois and Robert Jackman
Deborah and Arthur L. Jacobson
The Benjamin Jacobson & Sons Foundation
Marjorie James
Greg Johnson
Milton W. Jones
Rosalie and Gerald Kahn
Jill Kalman and Bruce Blank
Pat and David Kaplan
Harriet and Ernest Karmin
Malvin and Ruth Kaufman Foundation
Steven S. Kay
Barbara and Jerry Keller
Edie and Robert Keller
Kessler Family Foundation
Mort Kirshner
Joanne and Fred Klein
Beverly and Sid Kline
Lorraine and Joby Koffman
Joseph B. Koffman
Melissa and Arthur Kreitenberg
Jean and Todd Landry
Marvin H. Leaf
Joyce and Jeffrey Levine
Marvin Levy
Sherrie Levy
Linda and James Lippman
Janice Lyle
Jean M. Margolin
Donna and Doug Martin
Barbara and Samuel Mason
Eileen and Earl Mason
Ilana and Marcus McBride
McCallum Theatre Friends of the Cultural Center
McCorkle Toor Family Trust
Pamela and Kevin McGuire
Sue and Woody McHarg
Joan Mendelson
Cliff Mendelson
Elaine Merrell
Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.
Dorothy and Albert Milauskas
Heide and Porter Miller
Judy and Gary Miller
Joan and Mickey Mintz
Mirage Inn
Charles M. Monell
Monterey Fund Inc.
Patricia J. Moredock
Warren D. Camp and Doug Morin
Melissa Moritz
Barbara and Milton Moritz
Melisa and Steven Moritz
Nancy and Hartwig Moss
Tamatha and Richard Mozenter
Muriel Myerson
Melinda S. Nakaya
Susan and William Niedrach
Newman's Own Foundation-Lissy Newman and Raphe Elkind
Northern Trust Bank
Candice and David Orbach
Annette and Noah Osnos
A E. Oygar
Faye and Henry Panasci
Barbara Perschetz
Mady and David Phillips
Manatt, Phelps & Phillips
Marla and Lee Phillips
Vickie and John Phillips
Cathy and Laurence Pitts
Barbara Platt
Mary Pickford Foundation
Sarah and Richard Pietrafesa
Michael J. Plummer
Thomas C. Prentice

Linda and Reinhold Press
Anthony and Jean Pritzker Family Foundation
Peggy Proctor
PT Charitable Giving Fund
Carol and Doug Rawson
Toni and David Reamer
Edward Redstone
Susan and Harold Reichwald
Dennis C. Revell
Sandy and Floyd Rhodes
Diane and Dan Riccio
Sheila and Alvyn Riemer
Nancy and John Rinell
The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company
Mathew Jay Roach
Mary and Robert Roche
Ellen and Steven Rogin
Ruth and Sam Rose
Lenore and Stanley Rose
Jeffrey I. Rosen
Marilyn and Donald Rosenblit
Marion and Robert Rosenthal
Brenda and Howard Rosin
Muriel L. Rottenberg
Louis Rottenberg
The Rubach Family Foundation
Mark Rutstein
Tim Ryan
Barbara and Howard Saks
Ellen and Robert Sanitsky
Deborah and Carlos Santana
Sandi and Edward Satlin
Herbert Saxon
Arthur Schiff
James Schlecht
Hubert M. Schlosberg, Esq.
Susan and Stanley Schneider
Esther and Walter Schoenfeld Fund
Sherry and Howard Schor
Donald Schupak
Joan and Nathan Schwartzman
Sol Schwartzman
Senior Living Options of the Desert Inc.
Shalhoub Management Co, Inc.
Carolyn and Don Shagrin
Rena and Bernie Shapiro
Anita and Keith Sharf
James J. Shea, Jr.
Maria Sheehan
Ronald J. Sheehan
Scott Shriner
Michael Shuken
Patricia and Robert Shuken
Dina and Howard Silverman
Fred Simon
Sarah and Kenneth Simonds
Steve Slavkin Productions
Slosburg Family Charitable Trust
Mary Small
Michael V. Smith
Julie and Alan B. Solursh
Southern California Edison Co.
Mary L. Souza
Burton Spivack
Patty and Larry Spicer
Alison and Neal Stearns
Wanda and Don Stein
Joyce and Joseph Stein
Irving Steinman
Bonnie Winston Sugarman and Ken Sugarman
Sheila Sumari
Sunrise Assisted Living
Rozene R. Supple
Pamela and Peter Takiff
Dennis H. Talaga
Elaine R. Thompson
Henry J. Thierry
Thomas Safran & Associates
Tiffany and Company
Harold E. Tivol Revocable Trust
Tad Trout
Sherwyn Turbow
Janet and Bruce C. Underwood
Universal Studios Matching Contribution Program
Deanne Vandernoot
Maureen and Larry Varnes
Helen Varon
Lynn and Robert Wagmeister
Cyril Wagner
Alan S. Waldbaum
Penelope and Charles D. Walker
Marjorie H. Wallace
Ed Walsh
Beth and Eugene Weisberg
Wellington Place Of Rancho Mirage
Shaun White
Catherine Wiatt
Richard Williamson
Melinda and Robert Winet
Michael D. Wohl
Sheila Wohl
Barbara Woock
Alexandra Bouchereau and Michael Yanoscik
Ziffren, Brittenham, Branca, et al
Suzanne and Hans Zimmer