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Exercise and physical activity can have lots of benefits for people with dementia. It can help regulate their sleep and prevent restlessness and sleeplessness in the evening. It can also help maintain a positive mood and lower the risk of them developing depression.

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Early Stage Activities Worksheet - A
Early Stage Activities Worksheet - B
Early Stage Activities Worksheet - C
Early Stage Activities Worksheet - D
Early Stage Activities Worksheet - E

Art and music activities here. 
More activities here.

Picturing New Connections is an early-stage engagement program for those living with memory loss and caregivers to explore, engage, and interact with the masterpieces of artist Gari Melchers.  

Melchers (1860-1932) was a prominent portraitist, muralist, and American Impressionist painter. The Belmont Estates, located in Stafford County, Virginia, contains Gari and Corinne Melchers’ original furnishings and personal art collection, the studio houses with over 1600 works by Melchers, and the 27-acre grounds that feature restored formal gardens and miles of walking trails. 

During the program, participants were able to view and discuss each painting while learning the history of the piece, along with reminiscing about past times at the fair. This interactive early-stage program is sure to have you wishing you could go to the fair and enjoy some of those delicious fair treats.  

Watch the video HERE.

Take a virtual visit to Gari Melchers Studio HERE and enjoy some fun interactive activities with your loved one. 

Enjoy music? Joyful Voices is a community chorus for singers with early stage Alzheimer’s or dementia and their caregivers. Listen to them HERE.