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Patricia_Joseph.jpgThe Alzheimer’s Association Illinois Chapter would like to recognize one of our most dedicated volunteers, Patricia Joseph, for the five years of time and effort she has put in verifying and updating resources the Alzheimer’s Association provides. This includes nursing homes, in-home care and elder care law firms, among other services.

“The database the Association maintains is so important for clients and caregivers,” said the Chicago resident.

Joseph’s mother, Elma Claire Joseph, passed away from Alzheimer’s in 2012 at the age of 89. When she was diagnosed, Joseph, the oldest of her family’s six children, got involved with the organization, seeking guidance and camaraderie at an Alzheimer’s support group and educating herself about the various issues dementia presents.

“The education and information I received made the disease not so scary, made it so you don’t feel so alone,” she said. “Another thing I learned is that everybody in a family has got to understand what this disease means in their own way and in their own timeframe.”

Volunteering with the organization has helped Joseph to feel as though she’s given back to a cause that has meant so much for her personally. Her background in database management made her a great fit for volunteer work in the Alzheimer’s Association’s Chicago office, but she encourages those looking to help to figure out what best suits them.

“Explore what the options are,” said Joseph, who mentioned advocating and assisting with fundraisers as other ways she’s seen to get involved.