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Virginia.jpgVirginia Jansen, a volunteer in the Rockford office, has dedicated 14 years of service to the Alzheimer’s Association. A Chicago native, Virginia moved to Rockford with her husband in 2001. Two months after arriving in Rockford, Virginia’s husband lost his 10 year battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Virginia enjoys reminiscing about the printing business the couple once owned, and the single-engine land and sea aircraft she flew in her spare time as a pilot. Two years after her husband passed away, she visited the Alzheimer’s Association in Rockford to see if she could help make a difference.

“I’ve been here ever since!” Virginia says, happy that volunteering offers her the opportunity to assist the Association’s mission and that every day is unique: “It’s a wide variety of things…mostly organizing different packets, brochures, letters and other mailings. During Walk season I help fold the shirts and coordinate the colored flowers. I try to help out wherever I can.”

Having seen the devastating effects of this disease firsthand, Virginia believes volunteering for an organization like the Alzheimer’s Association is a worthy cause. “When I realized how many people suffer from Alzheimer’s, I just wanted to help. It’s a great organization. They are trying really hard with research efforts to find a cure.”

Virginia Jansen is one of the 2,304 volunteers who contributed 21,580 hours of service in 2016. The estimated value of all of their amazing work is $508,424.80, according to Independent Sector.

The Alzheimer’s Association in Illinois not only provides volunteer opportunities, but also a variety of resources for caregivers, family members and those living with the disease. Visit our website for a selection of volunteer opportunities and all of our available resources.