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In my 50 years, I have been fortunate enough to experience love and happiness. While there have been sad days, they are thankfully out numbered by the good times. Being with family and friends is what makes me the most happy. My children, Megan and Haley, are an unending source of pride and happiness. My husband, Scott, has been my partner in crime for most of my life. He is amazing and together we survived our 20's while living in many cities in different parts of the country, raised a family and settled into Overland Park, never forgot our Colorado roots (Go Buffs and Bronco's) and are taking on empty nesting with a vengeance. We have made many friends throughout our travels. Having friends is how parents keep their sanity and we are fortunate to have an abundance of fun and supportive friends. Being with friends, near and far, brings me enormous joy and a good excuse to cook and entertain!  

I have recently lost my mother to Alzheimer’s. She had been sick for more than 10 years and until she was “gone gone”, did I realize how much I missed her. Alzheimer's is such a long process and it was sometimes hard to remember her fun and loving personality. Putting together her memorial video was both the most sad and happiest time in recent years. I remembered Mom for who she was before she was sick. Her smile and her spirit were obvious in the pictures and stories. While she was sick, some of those memories were "forgotten" over the long slow decline. It was just easier. 

Now for some boring stuff.  Born in Florida. Raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Moved to Colorado which I now consider home, where I went to high school. Graduated with an economics degree from the University of Colorado Boulder where I met my amazing husband. Together we have lived in San Francisco CA, Pittsburgh PA, Nashville TN, and now are long time residents of Overland Park. We have 2 daughters, both whom attend KU. Our oldest will graduate in May with her degree in nursing and our youngest is a sophomore studying to be a veterinarian. I love to entertain, cook, enjoy wine, photography, dance, travel and visit with friends near and far. We recently went to Italy for the first time and really hope to return. 

My hope for the future? A cure for Alzheimer’s. No one should lose a loved one before they are “gone gone.”