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One-to-One Conversation

Our professional staff is dedicated to helping you navigate through the difficult decisions and uncertainties that individuals with Alzheimer's and their families face. Contact a Chapter office near you to arrange a one-to-one conversation between you and a Heart of America staff member. Staff will answer your questions about what early stage Alzheimer's disease means and help you with management strategies.

Social Engagement Programs

These social engagement programs provide opportunities for individuals with Alzheimer's to stay socially active and contribute in their community.

Memory Room

Approximately four times a year, the Heart of America Chapter partners with volunteer area artists, high school artists, and nursing home facilities to create a pleasing wall mural for late stage dementia patients who spend the majority of time in their rooms. The mural is typically based on some aspect of the person's life: a familiar scene, a countryside, or a special place where fond memories may reside. Learn More