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Kathleen and her "POPS"

Let's learn a little about Kathleen...

How long have you been involved with the Alzheimer's Association and what was your reason for getting involved?

I have been involved since 2015, my first year participating in Walk to end Alzheimer's. I joined my friend Andee's team and we walked together in support of her father. Now, my reason for being involved is for my Pops, that is what we have called my dad for as long as I can remember!
Pops was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s four years ago, and since then each day is a new journey filled with twists and turns. There are no rest stops along the way, no u-turns to go back to “normal” times, we are just navigating the ALZ journey as best we can and we try to honor Pops at every turn, with every connection, memory, and conversation along the way!
I believe that by becoming involved in the Alzheimer’s Association, it is my way to thank Pops for a lifetime of unconditional love, constant support, and learned values. Pops has always led by example and still continues to do so today, his strength and his courage is contagious.
Not to mention, by getting involved, I have learned more about the amazing resources and educational opportunities that the Alzheimer’s Association offers, they help to provide me and my family with a roadmap to help navigate the day to day during these uncertain times and provide light, when it’s needed the most. My reason for being involved is for my Pops, that is what we have called my dad for as long as I can remember!

How are you involved with the Alzheimer's Association?
The Longest Day Marketing Committee, 2021
Walk to End Alzheimer's Marketing Committee, 2021 Team Captain, WTF - Where's The Finish Line - Walk to End Alzheimer's, 2018 thru 2021, The Longest Day Team Captain 2021, turning my favorite childhood activity, pickleball, into a fundraiser. This year our pickleball tournament will be held on Sunday, June 20th, Father's Day, making it extra special and a perfect way to celebrate my dad.

Where are you employed?
Liquid 9, Account Director
What is the best advice you have ever received?
When faced with challenges or events that didn’t seem clear, Pops would say to us “God writes straight with crooked lines.” Looking back on my journey to the present day, the road has not always been a straight one and paved with a few ups and downs. These wise words shared with me by my dad have always given me comfort and courage.
**Note: “God writes straight with crooked lines” is a Portugese proverb.

What book/movie/show are you recommending to others?
Ahhhh, Firefly Lane! I've just finished watiching it and I LOVED IT! Of course, they left us hanging for the next season.
What are you most passionate about in life?
Some might say that I am passionate about LOTS of things, and that I get easily excited and put my heart into my passion projects. Here is my top five list of things that motivate me:
Family and friends
Creative projects
Helping and uplifting others
Entertaining/hosting events

What is your motto?
Always take the scenic route.
What is a positive thing that has happened to you since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic?
The pandemic has been hard, but there are definite silver linings. Thank you to quarantine for teaching me not to take family, friendships, and life for granted. The last several months have taught me to view every moment as grand in importance because you never know when it might be taken away from you. There are no small moments in life. Slow down and always make sure to stop and smell the flowers.

THANK YOU, Kathleen, for all you do to help increase awareness and funds for Alzheimer's care, support and research. We couldn't make the kind of impact we are making without supporters like you.

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