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Care and Support

Erin Gillespie info_icon_teal_1-(1).jpg Director of Programs
Kristopher Izzi info_icon_teal_1-(1).jpg Evansville Community Outreach Coordinator


Jerrica Valtierra info_icon_teal_1-(1).jpg Communications Manager


Brittany Bennett info_icon_teal_1-(1).jpg The Longest Day Manager    Development
Jill Isom info_icon_teal_1-(1).jpg Western Kentucky Walk Manager
Brandi Keller info_icon_teal_1-(1).jpg Tri-State Walk Manager
Kristin Lehman Bingham info_icon_teal_1-(1).jpg Director of Development
Jessica Muñoz info_icon_teal_1-(1).jpg Central Kentucky Walk Manager
Lisa Young info_icon_teal_1-(1).jpg Louisville Walk Manager

Executive Director’s Office

Shannon White info_icon_teal_1-(1).jpg Chapter Executive

Public Policy

Mackenzie Wallace, J.D. info_icon_teal_1-(1).jpg Director of Public Policy