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Jan Prushing MooreJan lives in Lexington, KY and works at Mid States Steel Services as a Structural Steel Buyer. She started volunteering for the Alzheimer’s Association with the Walk in 2011 and Longest Day in 2012.

In what way do you volunteer?  

I have concentrated my efforts on fundraising until last year when I also helped with morning-of Walk set-up in Lexington. Shortly after that, I was honored to be asked to Chair The Longest Day committee which I gladly accepted. I will continue to raise funds and awareness.   

Why do you support the Association?

My primary inspiration is my mom, Catherine Prushing, who passed in 2007 after a 10 year battle with Alzheimer’s and my dad, Dean Prushing, who was her primary caregiver during those years up until about 18 months before her death when he asked if we could find a memory care unit for her. Also on my mind and in my heart, is my mom’s mother who passed from Alzheimer’s (my mother was an integral part of her care giving) and my mom’s brother, who developed dementia in his later years. When my grandmother became ill with the disease, Mom was, of course devastated for her, but was also concerned for her own future. And now, I too have those concerns. I have concerns for all of us. I want to see a cure for this horrible disease in my lifetime. I want to be at the celebration of the first survivor! 

What impact do you feel your work with the Alzheimer’s Association has on the community? 

As far as fundraising goes, I often feel what little I contribute can't possibly make a difference... but then I remember there are thousands of “me’s” making small but meaningful contributions and together we have a greater impact. I am also raising awareness and the more people who are made aware of the devastation of this disease, the more who are made aware of the research happening right now, the more who are given contacts for help with their struggle as diagnosed and caregiver, the more who are aware of the economic impact, the more who are made aware they are not alone, the more who… I could go on and on. If I can make one more person aware, and then another... then I am making an impact on my community.  

What else are you involved in within your community?  

I am the Treasurer of my Neighborhood Association, volunteer for God’s Pantry, and contribute to our local human society.  

Why would you encourage others to support the Association?  

We need help. We need the ripple effect of connections. We need to spread awareness. The more the merrier and it’s easy to get involved. 

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