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LaNita Flanary & her momLaNita Flanary lives in Paducah, Kentucky and is the Team Captain for the Purchase Area Walk to End Alzheimer’s team Flanary Veterinary Clinic. She has been walking for five years and this year she raised nearly $11,000 by trimming the nails on pets at her veterinary clinic and giving tours of her farm allowing visitors to pet her goats, cows, pigs, etc. in exchange for a donation!

Why do you support the Association? How has Alzheimer’s disease personally affected you?

My mother has dementia. She was the strongest lady I knew and the mom everyone wanted. When I thought she may have something wrong with her memory at 83 I didn't want to believe it. That could not happen to my mom... but it did. 

What impact do you feel your participation in the Walk has on the community? 

I have raised a lot of awareness about the disease on social media and in person. I feel because I am known in the community (by being a veterinarian) that I have been able to make people aware of the fact that you can still live a life with dementia. But they have also seen how it has affected my mom as well as me being her caregiver. My mom was once very active in the community and people have started to realize that it can happen to anyone when they see that it happened to her.

Why would you encourage others to support the Association? 

If you or anyone you love has dementia then you know how important the need is for better awareness and support that the Alzheimer's Association provides. We have not begun to fully understand the disease and its effects.

Is there anything else you would like us to include or know about you?

I strive to be the lady my mom taught me to be and I accept the challenge to help others become aware of and raise money to find a cure for this dreadful disease. Most importantly, I will not leave her or let her be forgotten.

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