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Louise RickelmanLouise Rickelman lives in Huntingburg, IN and is the Senior Director of Human Resources at Kimball International. She has volunteered with the Alzheimer’s Association for 12 years.

In what way do you volunteer? 

I am team captain of my family’s team, Clara’s Clan. We have several fundraisers every year to raise funds for the annual Tri-County Walk in Jasper, Indiana. I also participate on the Walk Committee and am a past chairperson.

Why do you support the Association? Has Alzheimer’s disease personally affected you? If so, how? 

My mother, Clara Muller, lost her life to Alzheimer’s disease in 2008. Before Alzheimer’s started affecting her, she was full of life and energy.

What impact do you feel your work with the Alzheimer’s Association has on the community? 

The efforts of all the people involved, the presence of signs and posters, and the participants on Walk day all bring awareness to the community. The funds we raise are helping to find a cure, educate families on how to support their loved ones as they suffer with Alzheimer’s, and raise awareness of the gravity of the disease.

What else are you involved in within your community? 

I am a member of a philanthropic sorority that supports local kids and families.

Why would you encourage others to support the Association? 

This terrible disease is affecting more and more people in our communities. We can’t wait for someone else to find a cure, we have to find a way to end Alzheimer’s and find the first survivor.

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