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Moriah PerryMoriah Perry lives in Somerset, KY and is the operations manager for her husband’s IT company. She has only been volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Association for a little over two years, but has already made quite the impact!

In what way do you volunteer?

I first helped with the Walk team at my mother’s nursing home, then formed my own team. Last year I joined the Bluegrass Regional (Berea) Walk Committee, and became the Chair this year. I am also a community educator teaching classes and speaking to groups about the Association. I am an AIM advocate, member of the Alzheimer’s Congressional Team, and recently attended my first Advocacy Forum in Washington, D.C. 

Why do you support the Association? Has Alzheimer’s disease personally affected you? If so, how?

I didn’t have much knowledge of dementia before my mother’s diagnosis. While her symptoms were ignorable for a good while, we had to face them quickly when she fell and broke her hip. I attended a dementia workshop while she was still in the hospital and remember leaving feeling both overwhelmed and comforted. The Association became a great source of information and support. 

I support the Association in any way I can because I don’t want my own children to go through what my brothers and I did with our mother. At the very least, I want the same support available to them, yet at most, I want a cure. 

What impact do you feel your work with the Alzheimer’s Association has on the community?

Spreading awareness and support, helping to erase the stigma of this disease, and to let others know they are not alone, ever. My prayer before a speaking engagement is to be given the right words. If not an answer, point them in the right direction, and to be of comfort. 

Why would you encourage others to support the Association?

The need is great, and only rising. As I continue to find my own voice, I realize that I can make a difference, as we all can. Come join us! 

Is there anything else you would like us to include or know about you?

After my mother passed and my nest emptied, I wondered what to do with my time. My work with the Association has been an unexpected way of rediscovering or maybe even reinventing myself. 

I started dying my hair purple two years ago when I reached my fundraising goal. I found it was way more fun than expected and it’s another way to reach people and continue to spread awareness.

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