The Longest Day 2018
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Bev's Story
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I am a recent widow and have a series of poems and stories related to my past 10 years as a caregiver for my husband of 55 years. I was pleased to find this site, and hope I am able to share some of my writings with you that may help others experiencing the heartache and acceptence needed to understand this disease. As a mother of six children, who are now all struggling with the "will this happen to me" feelings, I want to help promote and learn the advances being made so we as a family can look forward with hope that there can be an end to the suffering associated with Alzheimer's.


There is an expression in one’s eyes,
That tell us more than words can say.
The eyes can show the love they feel,
And brighten up our lonely days.
But when the eyes are blank and dim,
You wonder what that could mean.
What is it that has shut them down?
So we question what they have seen.
Does it mean they do not understand,
Or are they just lost in deep thought?
Are they losing the battle of the disease,
Which they have so valiantly fought?
Hopefully they’ve stored down in their hearts,
The happy memories of yesterdays.
Remembering the good times of the past,
Will help us make it through the coming days.
How to be PALS with Your Alzheimer's Partner
P  – I Prayed for Patience and God gave me Peace
A  – I Asked for Answers and God gave me Acceptance
L  – I Longed for Laughter and God filled me with Love
S  - I Searched for Serenity and God Soothed my Soul
God gave me everything I asked for,
but more of what I needed.

Accepting the Rainy Days
When your husband’s arms can no longer hold you
And your chest feels all caved in.
When your breathing is rapid and your heart is hurting.
And your skin feels prickly and thin.
When you wake up aching in a cold, wet sweat
Due to dreaming of days gone by.
And you ask yourself, “Why am I so drained?
Where’s the tears why can’t I cry?’
Then you toss and turn in the dark of the night
Waiting for the dawn to bring light,
Knowing you can’t give up, you must go on ---
But to not hold on too tight.
You must turn to God’s Son and humbly ask
To enfold and surround you with love.
You need to be filled with the Spirit again,
And feel the presence of the Angels above.
So forgive me God for questioning your plan,
And the purpose of enduring such pain.
Our lives have been blessed with more sunny days,
Now it’s time to accept the rain.


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