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More than 92,000 Louisianans are currently living with Alzheimer’s — the only disease with no cure, no treatments to stop, delay or prevent the disease, and no survivors.

This August, we want to elevate the conversation around Alzheimer’s disease in our state and our fight for the first survivor. But we need your help.

From August 16 through 31, we’re asking you to help us Paint Louisiana Purple.

There are several ways you can help, including:

  • Register for a Walk to End Alzheimer’s team: Go to to sign up, then log in to your Participant Center to share your story and link your fundraiser to social media.
  • Host a giveback event: Restaurants can create purple-themed food and beverages with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association.
  • Deck out your space: Pin up purple balloons and streamers or use purple window paint to promote our mission — we love seeing storefronts and office spaces turn purple!
  • Donate a portion of your profits: Pledge a percentage of your August commission to our cause — we’ll help you spread the word so clients can see your dedication to our mission!
  • Share your story: If you’ve been personally impacted by Alzheimer’s disease, your story has the power to motivate others to get involved in the #ENDALZ movement. Put on your purple, take a selfie and share why you’re fighting for the first survivor of Alzheimer’s disease on social media. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram so we can share your story with our followers!

Whatever you can do to paint your corner of Louisiana purple this August will help advance our fight for a world without Alzheimer’s disease.

If you need inspiraton, meet some of our past participants!