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We are a team of commitment, passion and focus. All of us put our heart and soul into making sure the first survivor of Alzheimer's disease is a reality.

Board of Directors – Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter:

Jean Morse Jones, Chair
Hector Montesino, Vice Chair
Crista Martinez Padua, Clerk

Patty Blake
Julie Brody Magid
Marty Donohue
Sue FitzPatrick
Betsy Groves
Edmarie Guzman-Velez, PhD
Myriam Hernandez Jennings
Judy Johanson
Surya Kolluri
Stuart McLeod
Michael McManama
Kim Memmesheimer
Jeremy Perisho
Kevin Reynolds
Clare Richer
Julie Rivers
Joe Salerno
Carleton Simpson
Rick Singer
Faith Weiner
Meghan Wentworth