WOLK Center for Memory Health at Hebrew SeniorLife

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The Deanna and Sidney Wolk Center for Memory Health at Hebrew SeniorLife provides comprehensive outpatient care related to brain health, cognitive and behavioral problems, and memory loss, whether due to Alzheimer’s disease, other dementias, or other neurological or psychiatric conditions. The Wolk Center welcomes patients and their families at every stage, whether interested in sustaining brain health, seeking a diagnosis, managing mild cognitive impairment, or navigating advanced stages of memory loss.

Hebrew SeniorLife, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, is a national senior services leader uniquely dedicated to rethinking, researching, and redefining the possibilities of aging. Based in Boston, the nonprofit organization has provided senior living communities and health care for seniors, research into aging, and education for geriatric care providers since 1903.

Key Services:

  • Assessment & Diagnosis including neurology, psychiatry, neuropsychology, and geriatric specialists
  • Clinical Treatment including the opportunity to participate in cutting edge research
  • Family and Caregiver Support including support groups, evidence-based skills groups, and individual and family counseling

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April 7th 11:45 AM
“A Transformative Approach to Dementia Care” with Lindga Hou, Administrator- Clinical Manager and Lisa Relich- External Engagement Manager
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Employee Highlight:

Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD, is Medical Director of the Deanna and Sidney Wolk Center for Memory Health and a Senior Scientist at the Hinda and Arthur Marcus Institute for Aging Research at Hebrew SeniorLife, and a Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Pascual–Leone is an international leader in the study and modulation of human cortical plasticity and a pioneer in the use of noninvasive brain stimulation and its application for the study of brain behavior relations and the development of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in neuropsychiatry. An overarching goal has been the development of translational approaches to characterize and modulate brain activity to help patients with debilitating neuropsychiatric disorders while gaining fundamental insights into human brain function.

A major focus of Dr. Pascual-Leone’s research is on maintenance of brain health across the lifespan. Dr. Pascual-Leone brought together a group of international investigators and funding partners to establish the Barcelona Brain Health Initiative, a multiyear, longitudinal effort supported by La Caixa and Institut Guttmann that aims at identifying markers of brain health across the lifespan and developing and testing multimodal interventions and lifestyle changes that sustain brain health and prevent age-related cognitive decline. Dr. Pascual-Leone leads this one-of-a-kind study as its scientific director.

At Hebrew SeniorLife, Dr. Pascual-Leone also sees patients as a cognitive neurologist and the medical director at the Wolk Center for Memory Health, where the focus is on comprehensive, patient-centered, personalized care and multi-disciplinary, holistic support of individuals with cognitive decline, their families, and caregivers.

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Lingda Hou
Administrator Director, Wolk Center for Memory Health
(617) 363-8641

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