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A commitment to human health and well-being has been of utmost importance to UConn Health since the founding of the University of Connecticut schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine in 1961. Based on a strong foundation of groundbreaking research, first-rate education, and quality clinical care, we have expanded our medical missions over the decades. In just over 50 years, UConn Health has evolved to encompass more research endeavors, to provide more ways to access our superior care, and to innovate both practical medicine and our methods of educating the practitioners of tomorrow.

For more information visit https://health.uconn.edu/ or https://health.uconn.edu/aging/

Key Services

UConn Health is a vibrant, integrated academic medical center that is growing in all areas of its mission:

  • Academics
  • Research
  • Clinical care

Good health starts here for all your patient care needs including:
  • Center on Aging
  • Primary Care
  • Urgent Care
  • Emergency Care

For more information visit https://health.uconn.edu/ or https://health.uconn.edu/aging/

Please visit https://starr.uchc.edu/Study/ConditionDetails.aspx?Condition=14 for more information on our clinical trials.

Employee Highlight

George A. Kuchel, M.D. C.M., FRCP, AGSF

My research has always been translational, seeking to define and target risk and mechanistic pathways contributing to functional declines involving voiding, cognition, mobility and host defense. In order to move the field from a description of associations to an understanding of mechanisms, my colleagues and I have sought to overcome barriers between studies involving human subjects and research conducted using cells and animal models. Thus, over the years my own research activities have moved back and forth between the bench and more clinical and translational settings.

My ability to accomplish these scientific objectives and to also mentor trainees involving such multifaceted experimental approaches is made possible by the fact that the UConn Center on Aging is the multidisciplinary home to clinical investigators, population and social scientists, as well as basic researchers - all supported by a total research portfolio exceeding $ 40 million.

At the UConn Center on Aging, we have established a research program focused on Precision Gerontology. This is an effort to leverage discoveries in the gerontological sciences towards the development of clinical interventions that are more precise and effective by virtue of better addressing increasing variability between individuals with aging. To that end, we are focused on defining risk factors and mechanisms that are implicated in both aging and chronic diseases, using such information to design more specific and effective interventions. Such efforts are enabled by the fact that our Center is the multidisciplinary home to basic scientists, clinical investigators and population researchers whose work is supported by a broad funding portfolio.

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